HK Vitals launches their first ad film ‘Happy Skin, Happy You’ featuring Dia Mirza

HK Vitals launches their first ad film ‘Happy Skin, Happy You’ featuring Dia Mirza

The campaign is conceptualised by Freckledface Culture Lab.

HK Vitals

Mumbai: D2C vitamin brand HK Vitals has launched its first brand campaign with an ad film with a simple message: “Happy Skin, Happy You.” Actor Dia Mirza and Shweta Tripathi Sharma are featured in the campaign.

The brand film is a heart-warming and subtle exploration of the interplay of stress, skin, confidence, and happiness. The film veers away from the harsh, clinical codes of the category to an everyday lifestyle tonality, seeking to reduce barriers to wide, proactive adoption.

Conceptualised by Freckledface Culture Lab, the advertisement focuses on the relationship between internal happiness and self-confidence in terms of healthy skin and how they essentially mirror one another.

This campaign's main product is HK Vitals’ ‘skin radiance collagen,’ which helps create healthier and happier skin from the inside out.

HK Vitals has also launched India's first ‘real collagen strips’ in an oral dissolvable strip format. The dissolvable collagen from HK Vitals nourishes skin from within, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

HK Vitals head of brand Neha Gupta said,  "’Health is Wealth,’ but overthinking about it causes more harm to us than good. Health is generally seen as a serious topic, something that brings fear and stress in our minds. However, at HK Vitals, we feel that a healthier inside leads to a happier outside and we encourage people to act and start their health journey by embracing supplements as a part of their daily routines.”

Neha further added, “HK Vitals’ ‘skin radiance collagen’ lets you do just that so that you can live worry-free, knowing that our product will take good care of you.’

HealthKart chief operating officer Chella Pandyan, said, ‘As a brand, our primary focus is to provide health supplementation of outstanding quality & making it easily accessible to our customers. Our effort with this campaign is to build wide awareness around the benefits of quality, real collagen in holistic skin care’.

Actor Shweta Tripathi Sharma said, ‘I am delighted to be associated with HK Vitals, the products are authentic in quality and very effective. I have included ‘skin radiance collagen’ in my daily lifestyle and can feel the benefits already. I have always believed that a healthy person is a happy person, and I appreciate that HK vitals shares this same motto as a company.’