ErgoSmart by The Sleep Company unveils #SitSmart campaign

ErgoSmart by The Sleep Company unveils #SitSmart campaign

The campaign is aimed at addressing the issues of productivity at workplaces.

SitSmart with ErgoSmart

Mumbai: The Sleep Company, a comfort-tech brand, has rolled out #SitSmart with ErgoSmart campaign for their new chair brand ErgoSmart By The Sleep Company starring Jim Sarbh. In the current times where employees juggle between multiple responsibilities and workplaces are dynamic; smart working is the need of the hour. The campaign is aimed at addressing the issues of productivity at workplaces, communicating how ErgoSmart chairs can enhance comfort, productivity and enable smart working.  

The recently introduced chair brand, ‘ErgoSmart By The Sleep Company’ underlines the company’s dedication to delivering state-of-the-art smart sitting solutions across diverse settings.  It is a major breakthrough in the existing chair industry as it is engineered with human-centered design thinking and patented body-adaptive technology. ErgoSmart By The Sleep Company wants to create awareness about the growing importance of innovation-led health benefits at workplaces. Its purpose is to offer ‘Smarter Designs for Smarter You’ that comes alive through this campaign.

Conceived by Steve Priya, the digital campaign portrays Jim Sarbh as the CEO of a startup, who emphasizes his multifaceted role of being the CMO, CFO, and CTO besides being the CEO. He highlights the need for support, especially for his back, neck, and posture. The ad shows him moving around the office freely in an ErgoSmart chair and how it helps Jim to work smartly and sit for longer hours comfortably. The campaign is now live on The Sleep Company's YouTube and Instagram channels.

Commenting on the vision of ErgoSmart By The Sleep Company, The Sleep Company co-founder Priyanka Salot said, “We understand the challenges that working professionals face, especially when it comes to maintaining a healthy posture during long hours of work. Through ErgoSmart By The Sleep Company, we enable productive workplaces with our Patented SmartGRID Technology and deliver the best comfort to customers. Our #SitSmart with ErgoSmart campaign aims to raise awareness about the importance of this innovative technology and how it can transform the work environment. We believe the ErgoSmart chair will revolutionize the way people sit, and we are proud to lead this change.”

Commenting on the campaign, The Sleep Company CMO Ripal Chopda stated, “We are thrilled to launch our #SitSmart with ErgoSmart campaign in collaboration with Jim Sarbh, aimed at raising awareness about smart sitting solutions at workplaces. We want to encourage working professionals to integrate the ErgoSmart chair in their work environment as it will help them work smarter. With ErgoSmart By The Sleep Company, we are not just providing comfort, but also promoting better health and productivity. This campaign highlights our commitment to innovation and our mission to empower individuals to work smart and sit smart."

ErgoSmart By The Sleep Company is scientifically engineered to support long hours of sitting and adapt to the body's posture. With features like adjustable lumbar support, cushioned neck support, and Patented SmartGRID Technology, ErgoSmart chairs adapt to the body shape rather intelligently. These chairs also allow adjustments for the backrest, headrest, footrest and armrest, making it ideal for smart sitting leading to smart working.