Colorbar's new' campaign celebrates Pride Month with self-love

Colorbar's new' campaign celebrates Pride Month with self-love

'#AllShadesOfYou' campaign promotes love, acceptance, and equality for all


Mumbai: Colorbar Cosmetics, a leading beauty brand in India, is thrilled to introduce its latest campaign, '#AllShadesOfYou’. This campaign reflects Colorbar's core philosophy of fostering love, acceptance, and equality across all sexual orientations and gender identities along with the brand's commitment to empower individuals to express themselves in their own unique way. By emphasizing that beauty knows no boundaries, Colorbar celebrates our differences as the very qualities that make us extraordinary.

Driven by the philosophy of 'Made for Magic,' Colorbar firmly believes in the transformative power of make-up to unlock the hidden creativity within every individual.  It is an empowering call to embrace one’s truest identity, unapologetically. The campaign aims to break all traditional beauty traditions, blush outside the boundaries, highlight unique high points, and prime the world for inner freedom.

The brand has tied up with ten outspoken LGBTQ+ influencers to create a powerful platform that represents various orientations and expressions of the LGBTQIA+ community. Together, the brand and the community will share, celebrate, and embrace inspiring stories and experiences that uplift and empower. Unconventional looks will be unveiled to cause a rip in the makeup standards we know today.

In addition to the empowering campaign, Colorbar is excited to unveil its Sinful Lip n Cheek Tint range and the Joyful Range of Vegan Nail Lacquer. These sensational products are designed to ignite the imagination and offer limitless possibilities, just in time for the month of Pride. With a wide spectrum of beauty offerings, individuals can discover the perfect shades that define their persona in the most unique way.