'Choose Your Twinkle' on Valentine's

'Choose Your Twinkle' on Valentine's


MUMBAI: BlueStone.com has launched a new campaign to further strengthen its position as the go to destination for modern contemporary jewellery. Reaching out to consumers through a new television commercial (TVC), the ad film showcases how beautiful jewellery connects emotionally, summing it up with the ‘Choose Your Twinkle’ catchphrase.

The new commercial continues to build the brand narrative around how effortless browsing and range of beautiful designs make the BlueStone.com experience unique & delightful.

The storyboard of the ad film reveals an indoor set-up that looks like a retreat for musings and relaxation. Two close friends in a tête-à-tête, one painting her nails and the other busy with her phone. The former is trying to convince her friend to go along on a double date, the latter however is unenthusiastic and engrossed in browsing on BlueStone.com. But suddenly, her no makes way for an easy yes as she zeroes in on the perfect pendant. Why should one loose an occasion to show off that perfect look, isn’t it!

The film concludes showcasing an awesome range of pendants available on BlueStone.com, wrapping it up with the tagline ‘Choose Your Twinkle’.

The new campaign is intended at promoting the brand ahead of Valentine’s Day, which is an important occasion for jewellery retailers at the beginning of the year. The company is undertaking an aggressive approach towards marketing, in order to build a strong brand recall and boost its customer base.

BlueStone.com CMO Pushkar Jain said, “Our research has shown that increasingly women are buying jewellery on pure impulse, beyond traditionally defined occasions. BlueStone.com offers a wide range of precious jewellery, designed for day to day wear, precisely catering to such audience. This second TVC in the ‘Choose Your Twinkle’ campaign highlights our unique proposition of trendy styles and effortless browsing.”

Contract Advertising national creative director Ashish Chakravarty said, “With Bluestone.com our stories are about women and their charming every day. They date, they fight, they make up and invent reasons to take the day on with a twinkle in their eyes."