Cashify unveils "Donate for Education” campaign to provide refurbished smartphones for students in need

Cashify unveils "Donate for Education” campaign to provide refurbished smartphones for students in need

Initiative to Narrow the Digital Gap in Education for All Students Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


NEW DELHI: Cashify, India’s leading recommerce marketplace to sell and buy old electronic gadgets, has launched a new  initiative called "Donate for education" to ensure students furthest from educational justice – have the support they need to continue to learn during the COVID-19 crisis. The initiative was in response to the company’s endeavour to democratize technology by making it accessible to all. 

The company initially donated the smartphones to Delhi-NCR based NGO’s namely Mera Parivar as well as Avanti and they provided to the needy kids associated with them. With digital learning the new normal and to have a greater impact, the company unveiled the initiative for its consumers as well as partnered with two more Delhi- NCR based NGOs namely Saarthi and SSMI. Cashify encouraged its consumers to donate unused workable smartphones and which the company will refurbish them to provide it to the kids associated with the partnered NGOs. 

Talking about the initiative, Cashify co-founder and COO Nakul Kumar said, “ The pandemic has opened a lot of eyes on who doesn't have access to technology and its significance in making an equal playing field, particularly for K-12 students.  The demand for technology has risen rapidly as schools went to digital learning models and through this activity "Donate for Education", we are attempting to help the understudies who don't have access to technology by giving free refurbished smartphones a fundamental assistance for students. "

The consumer has to follow the steps below to donate the phone and contribute to the continuous learning of the underprivileged kids-: 

1.     Find the idle smartphones in workable condition at home

2.     Select the mobile brand & model

3.     Share contact details & address 

4.     Confirm the order and Cashify's executive will come for pickup

5.     The phone is cleaned, refurbished and provided to partnered NGO’s who then give to associated kids

Students receiving refurbished smartphones from Cashify will keep the smartphone permanently, further supporting them in their educational journey beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, please visit-: