Cactus celebrates the forgotten women in the field of science and technology

Cactus celebrates the forgotten women in the field of science and technology

Launches a new campaign ‘Women Who Changed The World.’


Mumbai: A science communications and technology company, Cactus Communications, launched a new campaign, "#WomenWhoChangedTheWorld," to celebrate and bring back the forgotten tales of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) back into the spotlight.

This year-long campaign started on 8 March 2022, featuring 52 inspiring women across the globe, with one story being highlighted every week of the year through Cactus social media handles.

The campaign features inspirational Anna Mani (the weather woman of India), Alice Ball (an African American chemist who developed the "Ball Method"), Katherine Johnson (one of the first black American mathematicians to ever work at NASA), Rosalind Franklin (a British chemist and x-ray crystallographer), and many others, and celebrates their contributions and the life-changing scientific discoveries made by them.

Through this campaign, the company has quietly unveiled a hard-hitting reality that highlights the under-representation and disparity in STEM caused by deep-rooted social norms, stigma, discrimination, and biases against women. Cactus is determined, as the voice of science and technology, to amplify the stories of these under-represented heroes who made an unforgettable contribution to the science and technology space, leaving a legacy for many to follow but not receiving their due credit.

Cactus CEO and co-founder Abhishek Goel said, "Women have always played a key role in where we see science and technology today. However, very few can name these trailblazers, which is tragic. We at CACTUS, feel responsible for bringing the stories of these women to spotlight through our #WomenWhoChangedTheWorld campaign."

A key creator for the campaign, Cactus creative director Saurabh Doke said, "Women have historically played a key role in the advancement of science and technology that has been long overlooked. This campaign is a tribute to all the unsung heroes who have not only contributed to but also defined the world we live in today. This heartwarming and thought-provoking campaign recognises the significant role women have played and advocates that we celebrate them throughout the year and not just on one day. Cactus aims to spread the much-needed awareness of women’s contributions to the world of science and technology and relay valuable information about them through this campaign."