BOBCARD LIMITED launches #PlayHerCardsWell

BOBCARD LIMITED launches #PlayHerCardsWell

Enablea women to reimagine life through Inclusive credit support.


Delhi: BOBCARD LIMITED, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of Baroda, announced the launch of a campaign, #PlayHerCardsWell, celebrating its brand theme “Reimagining Credit for Stree Shakti”. The campaign comes at a crucial time, especially as recent surveys, such as the one conducted by CRIF High Mark, highlighted a concerning decline in the participation of women in the credit realm.

The data from December 2022 to December 2023 paints a stagnant picture, with no observable growth in the proportion of female credit card holders, remaining fixed at 17%. Moreover, the representation of women in overall retail loans has dipped from 25% to 24% over the past year, as revealed by CRIF. In light of these trends.  BOBCARD is stepping up with its “Reimagining Credit for Stree Shakti, so she can #PlayHerCardsWell” initiative which is not just a brand campaign rather a purposely focussed social commitment, aimed at empowering women through credit card literacy and igniting conversation around putting women’s financial inclusion first.

As a part of the #PlayHerCardsWell campaign, BOBCARD facilitated a dynamic talk show titled MeTalks in partnership with MomsLeague Global – a community network platform amplifying the voices of women of all ages. Avantika Bahuguna, Founder of MomsLeague Global led the discussion with a panel of esteemed guests. The panel delved into crucial issues concerning mothers and women, including financial independence, mental health, career breaks, and equal pay. The women panellists including Heena Lulla Singh, AVP Sales, RadioCity India, Jaspreet Oberoi, Lead-Brands Solutions- Sony Pictures Network India, Celebrity Nutritionist-Suman Agarwal, RJ Ruchi from Radio Nasha, Mega Social Media influencer Linda Fernandes aka thatquirkymumma and Celebrity photographer & Entrepreneur Anamika Singh  emphasized the importance of credit cards and highlighted the multitude of benefits such financial tools offer.

Mr. Ravindra Rai M, Deputy Managing Director at BOBCARD LIMITED, explained the thought behind the campaign, stating, “The #PlayHerCardsWell movement is all about enabling women to meet their personal and professional goals with the right credit support leading towards financial independence. At BOBCARD, we are committed to providing easy access to credit and financial services, particularly for women, so our Stree Shakti can thrive and secure their futures. This endeavour underscores BOBCARD's unwavering dedication to empowering women and fostering financial inclusivity for all. It's about giving women the tools they need to reimagine their financial possibilities and achieve their dreams.”

Link to the 'Never Have I Ever' video – View here

As a part of the MeTalks Women’s Day special event “empowered by BOBCARD” and organised by MomsLeagueGlobal, also unveiled a quirky video titled 'Never Have I Ever', featuring engaging interactions with attendees about the usage of credit cards with Sabiha Gulrays- Influencer & Content Consultant with MomsLeague. The video aims to demystify common misconceptions surrounding credit card use and showcase the practical benefits they offer to women.

Ms. Avantika Bahuguna, Founder, MomsLeague Global, commented "Programs like #PlayHerCardsWell are pivotal for women's holistic empowerment, encompassing not just financial inclusion but also addressing critical aspects like mental health, postpartum depression, navigating career breaks, and embracing imperfections. By fostering conversations on these vital topics, we not only equip women with the tools for financial independence but also nurture their overall well-being and resilience, ensuring they can navigate life's challenges with confidence and grace. I'm thrilled to be on board with BOBCARD as their support partner, and as a woman so very amazed to see them leading the charge in reimagining credit for women in India with their credit solutions & customer-centric offerings.”