Ad Club Bangalore launches Inspiration Room

Ad Club Bangalore launches Inspiration Room

A series of thought leadership programs for marketing and advertising professionals.

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Mumbai: The Ad Club Bangalore is happy to announce the launch of the  Inspiration Room, a new initiative designed to inspire and educate the advertising and marketing community in India. This series of thought leadership programs will offer a wide range of formats fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas.

“We are very excited to launch the Inspiration Room series,” said Origami Creative founder and Ad Club Bangalore president Laeeq Ali. “This initiative is conceived to be a series of high-quality masterclasses, talk shows, discussions and workshops, where creative professionals will get to hear from the experts and interact with the best.”

Kicking off with generative AI: A round table discussion

The first program in the Inspiration Room series was a round table discussion focusing on generative AI, a rapidly evolving field with significant implications for the future of advertising and marketing. A panel of industry experts delved into the opportunities and challenges of Gen AI. Members of the panel were Adobe head of sales & channel Ajay Joseph, Talented strategy lead Varun Khiatani and Accenture Song MD Azmina Poddar. The discussion was moderated by Epsilon India VP international marketing and agency practice Ganga Ganapathi.

The event, held in partnership with Adobe, brought together senior leaders from the advertising and marketing community for a thought-provoking discussion in Bangalore. Speakers of the evening who shared their interesting perspectives included technology marketing evangelist and Billaway founder Shridhar Gopalan, partner spread design & innovation Nishad Ramachandran and Manipal Digital Vignesh Kamath.

“The advertising world is going through a rapid change,” said Ali. “We felt that Generative AI would be an apt topic for the fraternity to discuss, especially considering the rise of tools like LLMs and Adobe Firefly. We look forward to bringing more relevant topics like these under the banner of Inspiration Room.”

Praise for the Inspiration Room: Generative AI Event

The Inspiration Room: Generative AI event received positive feedback from industry leaders.

●    “The Inspiration Room was not only inspiring but thoroughly insightful. The quality of conversation and maturity around topics like GenAI made me feel extremely bullish on the Indian marketing and advertising fraternity,” said Talented strategy lead Varun Khiatani.

●    “The Inspiration Room by Ad Club Bangalore was true to its name.  Adobe Firefly demos and use cases presented were amazing.  A legally compliant creative accelerator is great to see. I have already referenced discussions from the meeting multiple times the very next day,” said Billaway technology marketing evangelist and founder Shridhar Gopalan.

●    “The inspiration room is a lovely initiative by the Ad Club, Bangalore. I really enjoyed the very insightful session organised by Adobe Firefly. I went back richer with some great stories and ideas on Gen AI,” said Accenture Song MD Azmina Poddar.

●    “The Inspiration Room event was truly motivating, showcasing the boundless potential of GenAI through work examples, practical tools, and entertainment. My key takeaway? Never start from scratch again!” said Epsilon VP head of international marketing Ganga Ganapathi.