"Success potential lies in creating fresh content that highlights India's emerging generation's aspirations": Vivify Asia's Vikram Bhalla

"Success potential lies in creating fresh content that highlights India's emerging generation's aspirations": Vivify Asia's Vikram Bhalla

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Vikram Bhalla

Mumbai: Entrepreneurship is the art of turning ideas into action, where innovation meets determination. It's a journey marked by risk, resilience, and relentless pursuit. Entrepreneurs are the architects of change, crafting their destinies with a blend of passion and practicality. In this dynamic realm, every challenge is an opportunity, and success is the sweet reward for those who dare to disrupt the status quo.

In this interview, we have an industry veteran - Vikram Bhalla who is an entrepreneur/filmmaker with a diverse career spanning over 30 years. His journey reflects his enduring passion for events, content creation, and innovation. Vikram's professional life began right after school when he worked as a telephone instrument salesman in 1992. However, he found his true calling in the world of music and events. He transitioned to managing bands, including Daler Mehndi, in partnership with the international agency PNG, all under Golden Melodies in 1993.

Vikram's expertise in lifestyle, music, and the audio industry is the foundation of his creative endeavors. He has actively engaged in various lifestyle segments, including motorcycling, music, audio, cycling, and coffee culture. He envisions Vivify Asia as a platform for nurturing entrepreneurs, embracing the gig economy, and fostering creativity.

Indiantelevision.com in conversation with Vivify Asia founder and director Vikram Bhalla discussed his entrepreneurial journey, Vivify Asia’s USP, and more.

Edited Excerpts:

On the inspiration behind your transition from selling telephone instruments to managing bands, and eventually founding Vivify Asia

The evolution transpired as my awareness heightened during the sales process, revealing that particular brands wield a premium despite offering fundamentally equivalent products as their counterparts. This realisation prompted a heightened cognizance of the pivotal role that marketing assumes in augmenting the perceived value of products.

On your experience as a DJ in Delhi contributing to the foundation of Vivify Asia, and the role that your passion for music played in shaping the company’s identity

I became involved in live events out of a fascination with the factors that contribute to their success. This curiosity led me to delve into various aspects of the event process. Initially, I took on the role of a DJ, and as I embarked on different projects, I gradually assumed responsibility for additional facets of the events. This evolution saw me not only handling the musical aspects but also taking charge of technical aspects and eventually delving into the thematic treatment of events. Through this progression, I gained a comprehensive understanding of the diverse elements that come together to create a memorable and successful event experience.

On the USP of Vivify Asia in providing high-quality content at affordable prices and balancing cost-effectiveness with maintaining content quality

Leveraging insights gained from millions of human and consumer interactions, coupled with our adept skill in crafting impactful scripts, we seamlessly integrate our understanding of the human mindset into content creation. This synergy allows us to produce compelling content that effectively resonates with audiences without exceeding budgetary constraints. Drawing on decades of experience in the production process, we strike a harmonious balance between effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Our approach combines a deep understanding of consumer behavior with the art of crafting persuasive narratives, ensuring that our content not only engages but also aligns seamlessly with the financial parameters of the production journey.

On your engagement in various lifestyle segments being diverse, and ensuring the appeal of your documentaries extending beyond enthusiasts

The goal is to spark curiosity and provide a glimpse into the enriching experiences that a joyful lifestyle can offer. This initiative aims to open a window for individuals, offering them the opportunity to explore and uncover exciting aspects of life that may have previously escaped their attention. By doing so, we hope to introduce people to novel and enjoyable activities they may not be familiar with, ultimately enhancing their overall sense of well-being.

On the genre or type of content that you believe, holds the most potential for success in the current market

The potential for success lies in creating fresh content that highlights the aspirations of the emerging generation in India. Whether it's fictional narratives or real-life stories, there's a growing audience eager to witness and hear about individuals who are ambitiously pursuing their dreams and forging unique identities. The opportunity resides in showcasing the endeavors of this new wave of Indians who are thinking big and striving to carve out their distinct paths. People are keen to engage with content that reflects the spirit of these endeavors, making it a promising avenue for storytellers to explore and captivate audiences with narratives that resonate with the dreams and ambitions of the contemporary Indian persona.

On navigating the dynamic landscape of a rapidly evolving industry, balancing traditional and new-age approaches, to position Vivify Asia effectively

Examine all propositions critically, embracing methodologies that demonstrate efficacy while scrutinising established industry practices that may have diminished in effectiveness over time. Assume the role of a devil's advocate in assessing each approach, thereby identifying and endorsing those that withstand rigorous scrutiny.

On the success stories where Vivify Asia played a crucial role in fostering someone's creative endeavors or business ventures

The alumni of Vivify have successfully established a minimum of ten businesses. Situated in proximity to our initial office, a local community expressed interest in employment opportunities, prompting several individuals to join as production assistants. Over time, these individuals transitioned to establish a prosperous set designing enterprise, collaborating with industry leaders. Such success stories abound within our community.

On the advice that you would give to aspiring entrepreneurs

For aspiring entrepreneurs, my advice would be to dedicate 10,000 hours to your craft, embrace challenges with an open mindset, and persevere through adversity. Take ample time to observe various customer interactions, as they hold valuable insights. By doing so, you'll discover that the customer often guides the way forward.