Wonder Women 2022: Honouring the top 100 achievers

Wonder Women 2022: Honouring the top 100 achievers

The event recognised the accomplishments of outstanding women professionals from the M&E industry.


Mumbai: Continuing its annual tradition of recognising and honouring remarkable women leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers for their outstanding contributions in the arena of media, entertainment and marketing industries, IndianTelevision.com pulled back the curtain to reveal the list of 100 Wonder Women Award winners. The names of the winners were announced virtually at the Wonder Women 2022 event held on Friday, ahead of International Women’s Day 2022.

While women account for about half of India’s population, they represent less than one-third of the workforce- the lowest among the major economies- as per a 2019 government report. The pandemic only made the situation worse. Awareness is important, but even more so is action. Companies, teams, and peers must continually choose to challenge workplace bias, advocate for inclusion, and ultimately effect lasting change at work.

While a lot needs to be done on the ground level to narrow the gap and foster a gender-neutral workforce, the Wonder Women 100 aims to empower and inspire women by honouring professionals who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in their careers in the business & creative arts, overcoming challenges. The goal is to elevate the role models who can motivate and mentor the next generation of aspiring women.

The event also saw panel discussions on relevant topics that play a critical role in driving this change. By creating spaces that elevate, amplify, and empower women and non-binary voices, these sessions aim to inspire attendees, offering hope for a future of true gender equity.

The power list of the 100 top achievers has been compiled with the aid of an esteemed jury comprising the editorial heads from IndianTelevision Group.

Here are the names of  this year's standout winners.