TTK Healthcare launches “Love Depot”; goes live with campaign #ThePleasureIsAllYours

TTK Healthcare launches “Love Depot”; goes live with campaign #ThePleasureIsAllYours

Love Depot has also roped in content creator and wellness expert Dr. Tanaya Narendra (@dr_cuterus)

Love Depot

Mumbai: TTK Healthcare launches all-new sexual pleasure e-superstore Love Depot. With the launch of, Indians can now have pleasure as they please – attractively packaged and discreetly delivered to their homes. India has been grappling with the issue of sexual pleasure for decades, this game-changing e-store, the newest venture in the D2C space, is set to bring a paradigm shift in the minds of discerning customers. It pampers its customers as they have never been done before, making passion products accessible and available to all.

The kick-off could not have been better timed. Observers of the market point out that all surveys of sexual behaviour in India indicate this: that the need-gap is widening. The reason is not hard to find as we witness an increasing number of people - of all gender, orientation and interests – open up to looking for more excitement, more adventure and more thrill under the sheets.

Love Depot goes live with their launch campaign - #ThePleasureIsAllYours, with a film that will play on select OTTs, as well as display and social media engagement.  

The portal surveyed the market before its launch and the figures tell a dismal tale of love. Over 81 per cent of women surveyed reported to be dissatisfied with their sex lives, with 73 per cent rarely reaching their climax. Additionally, two out of three women admitted to looking out for a pleasure accessory either for enhancement or for fulfilment.

Fact is, alternate bedroom behaviour is now fast replacing traditional acts as Indians get more sexually experimentative. Needless to say, this fuels an unfulfilled desire for newer stimuli, newer catalysts and newer ways of getting intimate, either with a partner or with one’s own body. addresses this gap that is yawning in the market.  

Commenting on the launch, TTK Healthcare head of marketing Vishal Vyas said, “LoveDepot is built on one of the cornerstones of sexual wellness that we often let fall between the cracks: pleasure. It is born out of a firm conviction:  that everyone deserves to seek and conquer the peaks of sexual fulfilment. It is structured to provide the shopper – regardless of gender identity or sexual preference – an empowering experience, offering both choice and control. And it's driven by a single-minded purpose - to close the pleasure deficit in the market.”

Interestingly, LoveDepot has also roped in renowned content creator and wellness expert Dr. Tanaya Narendra, aka @dr_cuterus on social media, to co-create educational content for the consumer.

Dr. Tanaya commented, “It is important that we leave shame behind and empower people with what they necessarily have to know about their sexual needs. I am quite excited to be partnering with LoveDepot, which will not merely be a product marketplace but will also be a platform that makes all visitors aware of their entitlement to pleasure, and at the same time, educates them on the role of innovative and contemporary pleasure-providing products.”