This Women’s Day, Coffee Culture Urges Women to #FlauntYourHeels

This Women’s Day, Coffee Culture Urges Women to #FlauntYourHeels

This Women’s Day

March 2020, It is rightfully said that give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. Celebrating Women's Day on 8th March 2020, Coffee Culture urges all women to #FlauntYourHeels as an ode to profoundly flaunt their heels as an epiphany of changing times for women globally.

Coffee Culture with #FlauntYourHeels intends to compliment all the women who powerfully tap into their heels and be a boss lady, ruling the world. The initiative invites women to specially visit Coffee Culture on 8th March, be it solo or with their girl-gang or family and proudly celebrate womanhood with them. Through a pre-installed measurement scale, Coffee Culture offers to size-check the height of heel and get a chance to win a cashback of 10times the heel size. The higher the heel, the higher the cashback!

Gaurav Narang, Founder, Coffee Culture, said, “Through this campaign, we are trying to convey that women have been the rock that holds everything together since ages, it’s time to give them back. With this initiative, Coffee Culture wants to show that we support the modern woman and urge them to enjoy the newfound confidence without any limits.”

Spend your day with pride with a cup of coffee that invokes self love, respect, and understanding. Visit a Coffee Culture Outlet near you and celebrate Women’s Day as you flaunt your heels. Join the campaign and spread the culture!

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