The Next station for One Take Media Co. is Marathi Kids

The Next station for One Take Media Co. is Marathi Kids

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MUMBAI: India is a land of diversity. We are diverse in our cultures, traditions and languages and yet we believe in Unity in Diversity. We are perhaps the richest country in the world, in terms of spoken languages. Exhibiting a baffling range of linguistic diversity, India is a home to many. The languages and dialect spoken here is huge. However, 96.71 per cent of the population in the country have one of the 22 scheduled languages as their mother tongue.

In a country of 1.2 billion people, Marathi became the third most spoken language. There are about 42 different dialects spoken in Marathi in the western part of the country, including Goa and Maharashtra. It is actually amazing to know that Marathi alone has more than 8.7 crores speakers in India.

Media and Entertainment Industry was not late in recognizing the potential of the Marathi Market. And that is the reason we have plethora of content, shows and channels available for this region. Right from reality show to Marathi movies, from Marathi dubbed movies to entertainment shows, everything is already on the platter. But for some reason, the kids segment in the Marathi market is yet to be explored. We don’t find much players catering to the regional kids’ market.

Realization of this gap brought One Take Media Co. to thinking and OTMC is finally here with its newest category to serve the market; Marathi Kids. One Take Media Co. has more 500 hours of kid’s content available in Marathi. It is regardless to say about the variety and the quality OTMC promises in the kids’ genre. All the big titles like Bablu Dablu, Bablu Dablu Cubs, Gattu The Power Champ, Beet Party, Jungle book and many more are already added to the Kids Marathi list.

One Take Media Co. has more than 10,000+ hours of content and covers almost all the genres. It has a varied range of content involving Hollywood Movies, Kids content, Cooking Content, Korean series and many more.The wide range of contentare available in English and in all the Indian regional languages. These includes Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Gujarati and Bhojpuri.

Mr. Anil Khera, Founder and CEO said, “The greatest relief, when you are in other country is to bump into someone who speaks your native language. It gives us a sense of belonging and a sense of home. Similarly, a person best enjoys the content when delivered in their own language. While everyone is enjoying Marathi then why not the innocent minds. We promise to delivers the best of animation content in Marathi to the kids.”