Purplle picks KlugKlug as their influencer marketing tech stack platform

Purplle picks KlugKlug as their influencer marketing tech stack platform

KlugKlug will help Purplle to reach the right Influencers for their brand outreach.

Mumbai: Purplle is a platform that combines innovative technology and beauty to provide a top-notch experience to its customers. The company has recently appointed KlugKlug, a renowned B2B tech platform based in New Delhi, to assist with their Influencer Marketing outreach. KlugKlug's expertise and knowledge will assist Purplle in identifying the best-suited influencers to endorse their cosmetics products, resulting in more effective brand outreach to the target audience.

As part of the collaboration between Purplle and KlugKlug, KlugKlug will act as the official partner for influencer outreach. The platform's in-depth insights and accurate data about influencers will assist Purplle in identifying the most appropriate influencers to engage with. KlugKlug is focused on addressing the challenges of influencer marketing by providing a true and instant searchability solution for influencers with relevant audiences, which will allow Purplle to engineer between 20-80 per cent efficiency when spending on influencer marketing.

KlugKlug chief product officer & co-founder Vaibhav Gupta expressed his views on this collaboration, “We are excited to collaborate with Purplle and support them in their influencer marketing efforts. Influencer marketing is an important and rapidly growing industry that demands attention, and through this partnership, we aim to provide Purplle with the right influencers to effectively communicate the brand's story to the target audience. At KlugKlug, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to share our expertise and connect Purplle with the most suitable influencers for their brand outreach."

Purplle chief business officer Nippun Aneja announced that, "At Purplle, we are delighted to partner with KlugKlug for our influencer marketing outreach. With their expertise and data-driven insights, we look forward to reaching out to the right influencers for our brand and elevating our communication strategy to the next level. This collaboration is an important step towards enhancing our customer acquisition.” 

Purplle is an online cosmetics, fragrances, skin, and hair care store. It provides an online space for beauty and wellness needs, showcasing some of the most popular beauty brands and products. Purplle's goal is to elevate the shopping experience. Purplle was established in 2011 and is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

KlugKlug's roadmap includes developing AI-based tools to improve the influencer marketing experience and provide data-driven insights to brands and marketers. Furthermore, the platform aims to connect influencers and brands by offering a comprehensive platform for managing campaigns, monitoring performance, and analysing data. To respond to the growing interest in influencer marketing, KlugKlug intends to expand its services to new markets and Social Media Platforms.