Planify employs a meticulous approach to identify hidden gems among companies

Planify employs a meticulous approach to identify hidden gems among companies

Planify’s vision is to become the go-to place for angel investing.

Rajesh Singla

Mumbai: Planify is the biggest startup platform to invest in Startups, pre-IPO & Unicorns. Planify is an integrated marketplace that connects entrepreneurs with investors for hassle-free equity fundraising, helps liquidate early investors to sell their existing investment in startups, and provides opportunity to new investors to invest in these Startups, PreIPO and Unicorns. Planify’s vision is to become the go-to place for the angel investing, entrepreneurship, and startup wave in India & Its mission is to fund every entrepreneur to help them gain early access to financial and strategic capital, to propel their company’s growth.

Rajesh Singla is a market veteran and has experience of 15+ years working in the field of Private Equity, stock markets, angel investments & startups. Singla started Planify in Feb 2019, where he is actively involved in asset and wealth management and has over five years of expertise in managing capital pools of various angel investors. As part of Planify, he has delivered 250+ exclusive opportunities for investors and has 31+ successful exits providing 250% - 2,000% returns.• Overall, Planify-backed investment opportunities produce annual returns of more than 50%. caught up with Singla where he shared valuable insights regarding strategies, growth, expansion plans and much more…

Edited excerpts

On unique strategies Planify employs when evaluating potential startups for investment

Planify Unique Service Proposition is the extensive work carried out on our platform to enable ease of Investments into startups.

We follow a ‘4-S Due Diligence Model’. The 4-S Model may be classified as follows:

1. Supply-Demand Gap: The first thing we look at is whether the Company has a readily available market & is it being able to adequately fulfill the requirements with its products.

2. Solving Real-life problems: Identifying companies that solve real-life problems involves recognizing those dedicated to impactful solutions, often leveraging innovation and technology.

3. Scrutinize Moat: Scrutinizing Moat involves identifying companies that have a distinctive advantage over their industry peers. The advantage could be in technology or in having access to a larger market or even a better supply chain.  

4. Sustainable Business Model: It involves identifying those companies prioritising long-term environmental, social, and economic impact. Such companies strategically integrate sustainable practices, contributing to their resilience and positive influence on the global ecosystem.

On the company navigating the risks associated with pre-IPO investments in the dynamic startup landscape

Planify employs a meticulous approach to identify hidden gems among companies, seeking undervalued opportunities. Rigorous due diligence, market analysis, and a keen understanding of emerging trends enable strategic investment decisions, ensuring that the company identifies and nurtures promising ventures poised for growth in the ever-evolving startup ecosystem. This proactive approach minimizes risks and positions the company to capitalize on undervalued counters, contributing to a robust and diversified investment portfolio. Following this approach the company has been able to facilitate some very highly successful exits for investors.

An investment of 3.1 crores across 31 startups (10 Lac each in these Startups, pre-IPOs, and SMEs) is presently valued at 17 Cr. providing absolute returns of ~450% and CAGR returns of a whopping 117% every year.

On supporting the growth and scalability of the startups it invests in beyond just financial backing

In supporting the growth and scalability of the startups that Planify invests in, the company goes beyond financial backing through a multifaceted approach:

a) Prarambh – It serves as the founders' fundraising toolkit which includes assistance with Due Diligence, Term sheets, Equity Restructuring, Pitch decks, Valuations, and Projections.

b) Strategic Consulting – Providing strategic guidance and mentorship to startups, leveraging industry expertise and insights to enhance their business operations and decision-making.

c) Networking – Facilitating networking opportunities for startups, connecting them with industry professionals, potential partners, and investors to broaden their collaborative ecosystem. Planify goes one step further to establish the connection between the startup & consumers.

On the company playing in assisting startups in their journey from the initial stages to achieving unicorn status

Planify is emerging as a pioneering catalyst, guiding startups seamlessly from inception to unicorn status. We offer an array of support, ensuring founders concentrate on their core competencies.

a) Prarambh – It serves as the founders' fundraising toolkit which includes assistance with Due Diligence, Term sheets, Equity Restructuring, Pitch decks, Valuations, and Projections.

b) Fundraising – We expertly navigate the fundraising journey, turning obstacles into stepping stones for ambitious startups. Planify facilitates fundraising through 3 different categories namely:

   Seed Funding: Planify facilitates fundraising worth Rs. 0.25 Cr. to Rs. 5 Cr. in the Seed Funding category.

   Startup Funding: Planify facilitates fundraising worth Rs. 5 Cr. to Rs. 25 Cr. in the Startup Funding category.

   Growth Funding: Planify facilitates fundraising worth Rs. 25 Cr. to Rs. 50+ Cr. in the Growth Funding category.

c) SME – Planify positions itself as an Anchor Investor in SME IPOs, collaborating with Merchant Bankers to provide crucial support to these companies during their listing process. This strategic role showcases Planify's commitment to fostering growth in the SME sector by facilitating access to capital and navigating the complexities of the IPO journey for emerging businesses.

d) Mainboard IPOs – Planify actively subscribes to Mainboard IPOs, offering its investors early access to lucrative opportunities via Pre-IPOs. This strategic approach enables Planify investors to participate in high-growth undervalued businesses, providing a valuable avenue for diversification and potential returns.

With Planify, startups find a trusted partner committed to propelling them toward unicorn status.

On the company’s growth in the next 3-4 years

The company envisions robust growth over the next 3-4 years, with strategic expansion plans. Planify plans to pursue a 5-prong approach for expansion. This approach includes the following:

a) Pre-IPO: Planify recognized a significant market challenge where IPOs were frequently oversubscribed, leaving investors struggling to discover promising Angel Investment opportunities. Simultaneously, high-potential startups faced difficulties in securing funds for growth. Planify positioned itself as a crucial link between investors and founders, focusing on pre-IPO investments. With a portfolio of 300+ pre-IPO investment opportunities, Planify has facilitated transactions exceeding Rs. 250 Cr. Essentially, Planify is bringing order to the previously unorganized realm of investment banking.

b) SME IPO: Planify empowers SMEs by facilitating their IPO journey, unlocking new opportunities for growth and expansion. With a streamlined process and expert guidance, Planify ensures that SMEs can access the capital market efficiently, enhancing visibility and attracting potential investors for sustainable business development.

c) Fundraising: Planify excels in facilitating seamless fundraising for businesses. Leveraging its robust platform, it provides a comprehensive suite of services, including financial expertise, marketing support, and strategic guidance, ensuring that companies can navigate the fundraising landscape successfully and secure the capital needed for their growth and success. Planify has facilitated Rs. 100+ Cr. worth of fundraising across 20+ startups.

d) Launchpad: Planify's latest offering, Launchpad, provides a unique opportunity for startups to showcase their potential on the platform for a year, garnering attention and support from investors. With over 20 startups already leveraging Launchpad, the platform has proven to be an effective avenue for fundraising, enabling these ventures to secure the necessary capital for their expansion and development.

e) VentureX Fund: Planify is set to establish itself as a Venture Capital Fund (Category 1) under the name VentureX, with a minimum commitment of Rs. 1 Cr. Investors opting for specific ticket sizes must meet money calls. Planify is dedicated to judiciously deploying these funds in the initial two years through strategic investments in promising companies. This structured approach ensures proportional financial participation from investors across different investment tiers.

f) Subscriptions: Planify has rolled out a groundbreaking Prime Membership & pro Membership feature for just Rs. 999/- & Rs. 2400/- annually. This membership offers exclusive benefits, including early access to over 300 comprehensive research reports, advanced screeners, networking opportunities, valuations, and capital table insights. Additionally, members gain access to the Angel Investment Masterclass, monthly newsletters, blogs, and videos. The prime membership also provides exclusive updates on pre-IPOs of emerging startups in India, enhancing the overall investment experience for Planify users.

By investing in a subscription, users gain a competitive edge in their financial decision-making processes, making Planify's database a valuable resource for Angel investors, micro-VCs, Venture Capitalists, Family Offices, Channel Partners, Stockbrokers, Agents, and businesses alike.