Over 93 per cent of Indians are sleep deprived: Godrej Interio report

Over 93 per cent of Indians are sleep deprived: Godrej Interio report

Godrej Interio

MUMBAI: A recent study conducted by Godrej Interio reveals that over 93 per cent of Indians are sleep deprived and sleeping post 10 pm is clinically declared as an inappropriate time and it triggers a change in the sleeping pattern that leads to sleep deprivation. This is irrespective of the number of hours of sleep.

The study was conducted across 8000 Indians living across the metros. Godrej Interio launched the 'sleep@10' campaign last year that focuses on addressing the rising concern over sleep deprivation in India.


The study is based on the insights sourced from 1.5 lakh Indians by taking their sleep test on the sleep-o-meter hosted on the sleep@10 website (www.sleepat10.com).

The study found that Mumbai is the most sleep deprived city in India and nine out of every ten respondents felt dull after they wake up. Around 64 per cent of the respondents admitted that "screen time", including television and phone, could be delaying their sleep time while 55 per cent of the respondents said they slept after midnight while the ideal time would be around 10 pm. 

Prominent lifestyle changes in adults seem to be a compelling reason for sleep deprivation. The data reveals representational region wise study with respect to respondents from metros, tier I and II cities. The insights garnered about Mumbai respondents from the research says that 95 per cent very rarely sleep at 10 pm whereas 35 per cent respondents sleep after 12 am and 34 per cent sleep less than 6 hours. 

In Delhi, 72 per cent respondents very rarely sleep at 10 pm whereas 14.36 per cent sleep after 12 am and 30.4 per cent sleep less than 6 hours. In tier III cities, only 13 per cent respondents sleep at 10 per cent whereas 35 per cent sleep less than 6 hours while only 6 per cent feel fresh and are ready to face the world after waking up.

The study further revealed that the problem of not sleeping on time wasn’t only restricted to adults but kids as well wherein only 90 per cent of respondents below 18 years sleep after 10 pm leading to sleep deprivation on a rampant rise among the next generation.

Godrej Interio launched the #SleepJasoos campaign leading up to World Sleep Day on 16 March. As part of the contest, participants captured and posted pics/videos of family, colleagues and friends snoozing at odd hours and places. Over 3 lakh members of digital communities participated in this campaign and it received a great response by nationally generating over 19 million impressions on Twitter. Later the activity was extended to Facebook by sharing it with the influencer communities. 

According to the sleep-o-meter data, collected by a survey conducted by Godrej Interio, the sleep@10 website reveals that for the respondents between 18-25 age group, 29 per cent go to sleep between 12 midnight to 2am while 58 per cent rarely sleep at 10pm which is an apt time to sleep. Amongst respondents between 26-54 age group 36 per cent get less than 6 hours of sleep while only 8 per cent respondents are able to sleep at 10 pm. For the respondents above the age of 55, 41 per cent sleep after 10 pm but before 12am while 40.4 per cent rarely/never sleep at 10 pm.