OMD Mudramax launches AI-backed media buying tool Bingo

OMD Mudramax launches AI-backed media buying tool Bingo

Bingo offers marketers a clear picture that delivers the best ROI for a business’ media budget.


Mumbai: OMD Mudramax, part of the DDB Mudra Group, has launched Bingo, India’s first outcome-based, AI-backed media buying tool focused on emerging brands and enterprise clients. According to a statement, Bingo took approximately 18 months from conceptualisation to launch and two patents have been filed in India and under the PCT which are currently under examination.

Bingo helps marketers achieve their brand and sales goals by identifying platforms and optimising media spends in a transparent and open manner without human intervention, said the company in a statement on Friday. "Bingo is an Agency Trading Desk (ATD) that integrates all downstream channels including but not limited to media buying platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook, Yahoo and other DSPs," it added.

"The ability to buy media in an optimised and agnostic manner by setting clear objectives is what this product intends to achieve," commented DDB Mudra Group country head and managing partner-integrated media Rammohan Sundaram. "As an advertising agency, we are also looking at acting as technology enablers and partners for our clients. Media optimization and transparency aren’t as esoteric as they sound but require technological intervention. We want to provide those capabilities to clients and marketers in the simplest manner.”

Like the conductor of an orchestra, Bingo acts as a single control layer that keeps all other buying platforms in sync to deliver media goals. The buying platforms are connected by ready-made marketing APIs through which audience and campaign data flow in. Over a period of time, this historical data is used to optimise campaigns, maximise performance, identify problems and suggest changes to keep the campaign on track for objective delivery.

The greatest advantage that Bingo offers marketers is a transparent big picture that delivers the best ROI for a business’ media budget. With this tool, marketers have complete transparency over the buying process with no hidden fees and markups, said the statement.

It offers agnostic buying through a unified platform, solving the problem of having silos for a multichannel approach. Its unbiased KPI-based buying funnels the budget towards a platform solely based on performance data. Campaign optimisation recommendations can be implemented from a single dashboard to achieve the desired outcome, it further said.

“Merely talking about transparency in the Ad Tech ecosystem is not enough. The entire demand-supply chain is lopsided towards closed ecosystems, which aren’t exactly built in a manner to facilitate transparency, be that pricing or audience data," said DDB Mudra Group partner - digital and lead programmatic Abhishek Sharma. "It’s time to wrest control and place it exactly where it belongs, with the Advertiser, in a ubiquitous manner. This product is a sincere step in the direction of demand-side innovation and transparency.”