O3+ Skincare commits to sustainability with greener packaging innovations

O3+ Skincare commits to sustainability with greener packaging innovations

As part of its ongoing efforts to reduce its environmental impact


Mumbai: O3+ Skincare, a leading beauty and skincare brand, is proud to announce its commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability in honour of World Environment Day. As part of its ongoing efforts to reduce its environmental impact, O3+ Skincare has implemented innovative initiatives to enhance the sustainability of its packaging materials.

One of the key steps taken by O3+ Skincare is the adoption of FSC certified board for its DNA carton packaging. This certification ensures responsible sourcing from well-managed forests, promoting the conservation of biodiversity and supporting local communities.

In line with its waste reduction goals, O3+ Skincare has replaced non-recyclable materials like EPE foam and bubble wrap with recycled Hexy cut wrap. This transition not only ensures product protection during transportation but also contributes to minimising plastic waste.

Additionally, O3+ Skincare has optimised its thermoformed laminate structure, reducing it from a three-layer composition (OPP/PVC/PE) to a more sustainable two-layer structure (PVC/PE). This improvement enhances the recyclability of the packaging, reducing the environmental impact associated with disposal.

In its continued efforts to promote eco-friendly alternatives, O3+ Skincare has replaced EPE foam with recycled pulp trays in COMBO kits. By using recycled materials, the brand encourages the adoption of sustainable practices within the industry.

Looking ahead, O3+ Skincare remains committed to further sustainability goals. The brand aims to explore mono-material or recyclable options for thermoformed components, simplifying the recycling process and increasing recyclability.

Furthermore, O3+ Skincare plans to adopt mono-material solutions for top lids, eliminating unnecessary complexity in recycling processes. The brand also seeks to utilize recyclable materials for laminates, minimising its environmental footprint.

O3+ Skincare's sustainability initiatives showcase its dedication to preserving the environment and reducing its carbon footprint. By prioritising eco-friendly packaging practices, the brand aims to make a positive impact on the planet while delivering exceptional skincare products.