Mush is in the air, but do we really care: Says this quirky Valentine's Day campaign by Britannia Little Hearts

Mush is in the air, but do we really care: Says this quirky Valentine's Day campaign by Britannia Little Hearts

Watch Kaam Bhari and Ahsaas Channa face-off in the world’s first-ever Qawwali-Rap battle


Mumbai: Young Indians, a whopping 50% of India’s population are living in times of unprecedented extremes. They are free, bold, bright, ambitious, with a mind of their own and not shackled by conventional thinking.

This young generation believes in embracing change, they are comfortable in their own skin and are willing to go against the established social norm. In fact, Valentine’s Day was a day of reckoning in the lives of most teens in the past. It was a day of some really happy hearts and many more broken hearts. But now, more and more young people are taking days like Valentine’s day far less seriously and are enjoying it, irrespective of whether they are hooked up or single, accepted or rejected.

Britannia Little Hearts takes pride in staying attuned to the vibes of the youth. And we heard them. We saw that there was too much mush floating, and the world needed a saviour. Introducing the #BreakSomeHearts Song, Valentine’s Day 2020 edition. (No prize for guessing, it’s a song that celebrates breaking hearts!)

The brand-new song released on the eve of Valentine’s Day is set in a rap-meets qawwali genre and is a fresh, fun and edgy take on heartbreaks and one that will inevitably make it to your playlist! The song features the standout rapper, Kaam Bhaari along with actress and influencer, Ahsaas Channa.

What does it set out to do? It is a masterclass in the art of saying No to those oh-so-boring love dramas, and in chasing those unwanted relationships out of your lives. Set to a quirky, fun, sing-along set of beats. So, what are you waiting for! Click the link: to listen to the song and make it a part of your playlist this Valentine’s Day.

Talking about the campaign, Mr. Vinay Subramanyam, Head-Marketing, Britannia Industries said, “Britannia Little Hearts is a brand of the young, by the young and for the young. The brand follows youth trends keenly and knows that they ‘Love themselves’ more than anyone else. They don’t need a relationship to define themselves. They are happy when they are in a relationship and happier when they are not. They don’t get dejected when rejected, and they don’t think twice before saying no either. What better gift can a brand give them, than a contemporary take on #BreakingSomeHearts. This Valentine’s Day when the world zigs, Little Hearts shall proudly zag!”

Priya Shivakumar, National Creative Director,Wunderman Thompson India while talking about the campaign said, “The overdose of mush on Valentine’s Day was becoming a theme to break away from and for the last two seasons, Little Hearts became the brand to change the conversation with “Break some hearts”. This year we wanted to deliver the heartbreak a little differently with the first ever Qawali-Rap battle that offers quirky advice to break the heart of every kind of hopeful Romeo you may come across on this day dedicated to love. Featuring Ahsaas Channa and Kaam Bhaari who bring their unique styles to the lively musical debate, this piece of content is the fun antidote to romantic melodrama, sappy love stories and other Valentine’s cliches. Making it a cool counterpoint to the popular narrative and a youthful take on the culture of love.”

Ahsaas Channa, talking about her experience said, “I have grown-up eating Britannia Little Hearts and the entire experience of creating the song was a lot of fun – from coming up with the rap, to adding the qawwali and identifying the different situations. We just hope that the audience enjoys this song as much as we have enjoyed making it.”

Campaign Credits -

Creative Agency: Wunderman Thompson

Chief Creative Officer: Senthil Kumar

National Creative Director: Priya Shivakumar

Sr. VP and Managing Partner: Kundan Joshee

Vice President & EBD: Tiraz Balaporia

Creative Director: Ashwin Lingan, Pradeep Ravindran

Copywriter: Rishabh Mishra

Art Director: Akshay Kumar Bhat, Anusree Nair

Account Management: Sandeep Mathummal, Rince Panicker

Production house: EO2 Events & Films

Exe. Producer: Risheeta Agrawal

Director: Adhiraj Bose

Music Director: Karan Kanchan

Vocals: Kaam Bhaari, Yashika Sikka

Lyrics: Kaam Bhaari and Vishal Dayama

Featuring: Kaam Bhaari and Ahsaas Channa