Mojostar-Tiger Shroff brand PROWL to have digital-only approach

Mojostar-Tiger Shroff brand PROWL to have digital-only approach

Abhishek Verma(CEO Mojostar), Jiggy George, Tiger Shroff, Anirban Das

MUMBAI: Celebrities today are turning into entrepreneurs by becoming angel investors in startups or having their own line of brands. But rarely do we see celebrities taking that leap of faith and owning the brand, other than Salman Khan’s Being Human. 

Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff unveiled a new active lifestyle brand called PROWL that is jointly created and owned by Shroff and Mojostar. This is the first brand launch for Mojostar, which is creating a house of lifestyle brands with celebrities. For Tiger, this marks his entry into the active lifestyle business, a space he is known for.

Launched in July last year, Mojostar is a joint venture of Kwan Entertainment and Dream Theatre. The brand is aimed at redefining the way retail brands are created in India where the company partners with top celebrities to co-create authentic, high-impact indigenous brands in the lifestyle space. 

Mojostar envisions building a world-class ‘house of brands’ which leverages the power, draw, and allure of celebrities to provide enriching brand experiences to fans. It has a differentiated approach to create a house of lifestyle brands. It identifies high potential consumer white spaces in the lifestyle market, and matches them with celebrities who authentically represent that proposition.

The brand is targeted at people in the age group of 18-25 years who lead a very active lifestyle and are constantly on the move. They regularly transition from one activity to another and want to look awesome while doing it. PROWL aims to provide functional yet highly stylish clothing and accessories to fit the target consumer’s active lifestyles.  The brand captures its purpose and proposition to consumers, in the tagline — ‘Ready to move’. 

Mojostar CEO Abhishek Verma believes that there is a gap in the active wear market in products for hyperactive young Indians. He opines that traditional active wear brands have over-specified the products, whereas the young consumers want simplified functional products that offer great style. Products that help you look amazing, are suited for multi-functional movement and are easy to maintain, is the need of this market.

Shroff is thrilled about his new businessman hat and has been involved in creating the brand right from its logo to final product. He mentions, “This brand is a reflection of my identity and this is how I live. I love to be active through the day, which is why I want to wear something that is stylish, looks good, and yet gives me the freedom of uninhibited movement.”

The active wear industry in India stands at around $7 billion and is growing in double digits. The space is dominated by international brands, and PROWL aims to create a dent in this market by offering a combination of performance and style. 

Although the website is expected to go live for consumers by June 2018, people can register themselves on for an exclusive preview and to get a first hand experience during the launch. PROWL has its manufacturing units set up in China and India. 

The products are expected to be priced between Rs 1000-3000, and will be available on all leading e-commerce platforms including Flipkart, Amazon and Myntra. The company is very clear that it will not have a dedicated app because it is cumbersome.

The brand will focus majorly on digital for its advertising and marketing rather than traditional media. Kwan entertainment MD and Mojostar founder Anirban Blah believes that investing on television is not beneficial for the brand as their target audience consume content on digital and social media platforms. Influencer marketing has become extensively popular in the last two years and PROWL is eyeing it too.

Mojostar also has Jacqueline Fernandez on board who will launch her own brand in fashion and beauty segment in March 2018. The company also has another A-list male celebrity on board but will only announce the name in April, before the final launch of the website.