mCaffeine launches mental health program with Pazcare

mCaffeine launches mental health program with Pazcare

mCaffeine co-founders emphasized backing employees for success at work and in personal lives


Mumbai: In a pioneering move towards building the healthiest workforce, mCaffeine, a trailblazer in personal care, proudly introduces a revolutionary mental health program in collaboration with Pazcare, a renowned employee benefit platform. Recognizing the profound impact of mental well-being on workplace productivity, mCaffeine's co-founders stress the responsibility of supporting employees to achieve their personal best both at work and in their personal lives.

Mental health is a universal concern that transcends age, gender, ethnicity, status, or location, significantly influencing workplace productivity. To address this, mCaffeine, known for its commitment to innovation, collaborates with Amaha, a leader in the mental health field via Pazcare, to provide essential tools and resources. Amaha, a distinguished partner in this initiative, stands at the forefront with a multidisciplinary team of over 110 mental health professionals, bringing extensive experience and expertise to support clients' mental health needs.

Central to this initiative, mCaffeine's employees gain access to free counselling sessions annually, a fundamental resource dedicated to preserving and enhancing mental well-being. This invaluable offering is complemented by a strategic partnership with a cutting-edge mental health app, ensuring employees have continuous access to mental health care resources 24/7. This program is thoughtfully crafted to demolish barriers, making mental health resources readily available for a healthier and more productive workplace.

The program begins with personalised 1-1 Therapy Sessions, available through chat, audio, and video mediums, allowing employees up to 6 sessions per year. Complementing this, the Amaha Self Care Application offers an array of resources, including self-care programs, mood tracking, journaling, bot check-ins, and a peer support feature through communities, all accessible to every employee.

To maintain regular communication and awareness, the program includes the distribution of Newsletters and Awareness Collaterals monthly. This consistent flow of information aims to keep employees engaged and informed about available resources and upcoming events.

Talking about the positive workplace mCaffeine's HR team stands as a dedicated ally. Employees are not merely encouraged but actively welcomed to reach out to the HR team for any hurdles obstructing their goals. Assuring confidentiality, this initiative strives to create an environment where employees feel secure in sharing their challenges.

A Pinnacle of Commitment:

This initiative signifies more than a mere step; it's a significant leap in mCaffeine's unwavering commitment to employee well-being. Beyond the realm of a workplace, it underscores the creation of a supportive community where the mental health of every team member is prioritized and actively supported. This initiative is a testament to mCaffeine's dedication to fostering an environment where each employee not only thrives but feels genuinely cared for.

"We all have bad days at work, and it's crucial to recognize the signs when our mental health is at stake. It's not just a personal matter; it's a professional one that can affect our ability to be productive. Mental health is often unseen, and reaching out for help shouldn't be a challenge. With this understanding, mCaffeine is proud to announce a mental health program for employees, in partnership with Amaha and Pazcare, as part of our commitment to fostering a supportive workplace," said mCaffeine co-founder & CEO Tarun Sharma.

"Statistics say that one in four people suffer from mental health-related problems. Apart from covering secondary & tertiary care, progressive employers like Mcaffiene are standing out by covering their colleagues for mental wellness and overall well-being. We at Pazcare are proud to be enabling the mental health wellness benefit for mCaffeinene employees." comments Pazcare CEO and co-founder Sanchit Malik.

The introduction of this comprehensive mental health program marks a significant milestone in mCaffeine's commitment to employee well-being. It reflects the brand's dedication to creating a supportive and healthy work environment.