Max Life embraces AI to deliver hyper-personalised interactions to customers

Max Life embraces AI to deliver hyper-personalised interactions to customers

Tailored videos offer timely reminders, sales training, and more for customers

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Mumbai: Max Life Insurance Company Ltd. ("Max Life" / "Company"), is undertaking a significant advancement in engaging with its customers by introducing AI-powered personalisation across the board- starting with renewals messaging. On the forefront of the AI campaign is Max Life’s Brand Ambassador and Captain of the Indian Men’s Cricket Team, Rohit Sharma, exclusively managed by RISE Worldwide, as the face of personalised videos.

With the integration of cutting-edge AI technology, Max Life Insurance is elevating customer and seller experiences. The campaign encompasses end-to-end created- personalized videos, messages, and greetings for customers, fundamentally enhancing their interactions with the brand. Personalisation also extends to the company's valued sellers, who will receive tailored greetings, messages, and specialised sales training support. Recognising the long-term nature of life insurance relationships, these innovations aim to build stronger, lasting connections.

Max Life Insurance chief marketing officer Rahul Talwar said, "Max Life leverages AI-powered innovations in all of our operations to place paramount importance on delivering engaging and personalised experiences to our customers and sellers. With cricket being an integral part of our culture, we understand that the presence of Rohit Sharma, our brand ambassador and the Captain of the Indian men’s Cricket team, cuts through the clutter and elevates customers’ experiences with the brand. Contextualised engagement led by AI innovations empowers Max Life Insurance to craft highly personalized videos and messages that seamlessly align with each customer's unique needs and preferences. The result is stronger relationships and heightened customer satisfaction. We continue to push the boundaries of imagination with this cutting technology, and this is just the beginning of our journey.”

Max Life Insurance captain of the Indian National Men’s Cricket team and brand ambassador Rohit Sharma commended Max Life's efforts, stating, "By harnessing AI-powered personalisation, we go beyond conventional connections, crafting enduring, personalised moments that resonate with both customers and Max Life Insurance brand representatives. This pioneering approach is reshaping the playbook for customer engagement, and I am looking forward to being a part of this game-changing journey."

Max Life's AI-powered personalisation initiative represents a significant leap forward in utilising AI to enhance customer experiences. Beyond its immediate benefits to Max Life's customers and sellers, this initiative serves as a benchmark for other companies looking to elevate their customer relationships through AI.