Inflection Point Ventures launches accelerator program - IPV Ideaschool batch 1

Inflection Point Ventures launches accelerator program - IPV Ideaschool batch 1

Launches first-ever 6-week pan-India cohort

IPV Ideaschool batch 1

Mumbai: Inflection Point Ventures today announced the launch of its accelerator program, IPV Ideaschool batch 1. The 6-week nationwide program has been designed for entrepreneurs who are seeking to take their business from the idea stage to MVP.

Launches first-ever 6-week pan-India cohort

● Applications to join the program are now open

● Applications will see multi-level shortlisting and the Elite 40 will make it to the final program

● Startups get access to masterclasses on various topics helmed by industry experts

● Top 15 startups from the 40 shortlisted will present their ideas to a jury at a grand event

● Final 5 startups stand to get Rs 80 lakhs each as seed funding from IPV

Out of 2000 expected applicants, 100 will be shortlisted for the program initially and 40 of them will then proceed to be an active part of the discussion in the accelerator program. The startups will be evaluated through several rounds across multiple parameters.

At the final stage, the program will culminate in an on-ground event, where the top 15 startups will get a chance to showcase their respective business ideas to an esteemed jury. The final 5 startups emerging from this set stand to bag Rs 80 lakhs as investment and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become part of the IPV portfolio. Applications for this opportunity remain open until 20 January 2024.

Speaking on the initiative, Inflection Point Ventures co-founder Mitesh Shah says, “IPV Ideaschool- the highly curated program aims to give an edge to the startups as they will not only secure early-stage funding but also get an opportunity to grow and scale their business rapidly with strategic guidance and IPV’s rich network. At IPV, we are looking for startups that add value to our economy and have sustainable ideas. By strategically nurturing and empowering innovative ideas, our commitment to building a strong early-stage startup pipeline ensures a foundation of quality and potential, shaping the future of groundbreaking ventures and contributing to India’s economy”.  

As part of this program, IPV experts will help startups fine-tune their business plans, and suggest pivots if needed to make a commercially viable business idea ready to be funded. IPV will also leverage its own investors’ network, ecosystem partners, and other VCs to help the startups get access to the required infrastructure and raise additional capital.

The startups will have access to boot camps, and masterclasses on various subjects helmed by experts on matters related to different areas of businesses that founders should learn about.

This program promises to offer a holistic experience and a high degree of exposure to how to start building their business for the real world. The startups will be nurtured for growth with strong backing from IPV, Firstport Capital, and Plphysis Capital.

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