India emerges most optimistic market in March 2024 across 29 markets polled: Ipsos Global Advisor What Worries the World

India emerges most optimistic market in March 2024 across 29 markets polled: Ipsos Global Advisor What Worries the World

Worry around inflation, unemployment & education diminishes significantly in March 2024.

Ipsos India CEO Amit Adarkar

Mumbai: India has emerged the most optimistic market in March 2024, across all the 29 markets covered in the survey with over three in four urban Indians polled (77 per cent) believing India is moving in the right direction, according to the Ipsos Global Advisor monthly survey that tracks public opinion on the most important social and political issues across 29 countries, alongside whether people think things in their country are heading in the right or wrong direction.

The other top markets on optimism were Singapore (72 per cent) and Indonesia (72 per cent), tied at the 2nd spot, followed by Thailand (59 per cent) and Mexico (55 per cent). The markets at the bottom of the heap were Peru (14 per cent) and France (18 per cent) with lowest optimism levels about the future. Only 38 per cent global citizens were optimistic about the future.  


Worry levels diminish around key issues for Urban Indians in March 2024

Further, the survey reveals a significant drop in worry around the key issues of inflation (38 per cent) (minus 11 per cent), unemployment (38 per cent) (minus five per cent) and education (29 per cent) (minus six per cent) over the previous month. Though worry around financial/ political corruption (24 per cent) ( plus three per cent) has increased, but unchanged for crime and violence (23 per cent).  


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Global worries – Global citizens have got a slight reprieve in March 2024 around inflation.

Global worries   Summarizing on the findings of the survey, Ipsos India CEO Amit Adarkar said, "India has bucked the global trend of pessimism and emerged the No.1 market in optimism across the 29 markets, where the Ipsos Advisor survey is held every month. If we look back, India has always been among the top markets in optimism, through months and years. India has not crumbled under global adversities and citizens have believed in the system, unlike many global markets that have been downbeat. What could have worked for India? Its resilience, its course correction in the face of severe hardships on citizens. Govt cut fuel prices by Rs. 2, in March, across India, which provided some relief around inflation and cost of living. Worry around unemployment has also reduced with the job market in the hiring mode in some sectors like retail, automotive, f&b, IT & technology etc. Worry around inflation and unemployment has seen a significant drop in March 2024 and likewise for education. With general elections coming up in mid-April, corruption charges are already flying thick and fast, which is a matter of concern. Also crime and violence are of deep concern to citizens."