Gruhas and Collective Artists Network collab to create Gruhas Collective Consumer Fund

Gruhas and Collective Artists Network collab to create Gruhas Collective Consumer Fund

The collaboration marks a pivotal moment in India's business landscape.

Vijay Subramaniam

Mumbai: Nikhil Kamath and Abhijeet Pai's Gruhas joins hands with new age media leader Collective Artists Network, led by Vijay Subramaniam, to create the Gruhas Collective Consumer Fund, dedicated to fostering innovative consumer brands. The fund aims to spearhead a transformative era in India's entrepreneurial landscape. This landmark alliance, where media, sports, entertainment, and venture capital converge, stands as a pivotal milestone in the country's business ecosystem to power consumption.

In a resounding commitment to nurture innovation and catalyze economic growth, this partnership launches with an initial investment fund of 150 crore rupees, poised to be a game-changer for India's consumer products segment.

"In an era propelled by the burgeoning consumer economy, this alliance holds profound significance in driving innovation and ushering transformative change across India's business fabric," expressed Collective Artists Network founder and group CEO Vijay Subramaniam. "Our collaboration with Gruhas marks an exciting journey, leveraging our collective expertise to provide a springboard for exceptional access within the media ecosystem, empowering them to redefine India's entrepreneurial landscape."

Backing this venture capital endeavour, Gruhas co-founder Nikhil Kamath emphasised, “The Indian consumer landscape is primed for transformation. The partnership between Collective and Gruhas represents an unprecedented opportunity as we unite to cultivate a new wave of brands poised to redefine and resonate with the dynamic Indian consumer. Our ultimate goal is to pave the way for the next chapter in India’s growth narrative.”

The alliance's initial investments signal a resounding endorsement of groundbreaking ventures like a trailblazing sexual wellness brand and an innovative innerwear company among others. These strategic investments reinforce the dedication to supporting transformative ideas across various segments within the burgeoning creator economy.

"This transcends mere collaboration; it's a paradigm shift for India's startup ecosystem. Imagine Silicon Valley's cutting-edge thought leadership merging with the star power of Hollywood-  that's the magic we're unlocking with this partnership in India. With Gruhas Collective Consumer Fund (GCCF) we are building the bridge to Bangalore and Entertainment to scale entrepreneurship like never before." Gruhas co-founder and general partner Abhijeet Pai.

As this venture continues to expand its footprint, it serves as a catalyst for dynamic transformation within India's business sphere, cultivating an environment where groundbreaking ideas thrive, shaping and redefining the nation's economic landscape.