From Gen X to Gen Z: decodes holiday home preferences for Indian travellers

From Gen X to Gen Z: decodes holiday home preferences for Indian travellers commissioned research independently conducted by YouGov across seven countries


Mumbai: Travellers are increasingly looking for the home-away-from-home experience. From a beautiful homestay in the mountains to a serene beach villa overlooking the sea, Indians are seeking unique accommodations and immersive experiences while travelling., a global leader in connecting travellers with the widest choice of incredible places to stay, has released its inaugural Holiday Homes Outlook Report that delves into the unique preferences of different generations - Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X - when choosing holiday homes.

Trends Through Generations

When it comes to searching for a holiday home, each generation has distinct preferences and priorities While Gen X prioritises cleanliness and convenience with facilities like a kitchen, millennials prefer unique and immersive experiences with a simplified booking process. Gen Z focuses on location while selecting their holiday home as well as past and present reviews to make that choice.

●    Gen X (born between 1965-1980)

●    Gen X value cleanliness and tidiness for accommodation and they appreciate the convenience of having a well-equipped kitchenette or meal options, akin to the warmth of Indian hospitality.

●    Gen X travellers prioritise a reasonable and fair price (65 per cent) when choosing a homestay, prioritising budget-friendly options that offer value for money.

●    43 per cent state that they want more availability of homes during peak season

●    Additionally, nearly 39 per cent opt for country cottages as their preferred choice for holiday homes in India.

●    Millennials (born between 1981-1996)

●    Millennials seek unique stay experiences with nearly half (43 per cent) stating that they find farm stays as the most appealing option for a holiday home.

●    When it comes to the booking process, 51 per cent of millennials prefer a simplified and easy booking process

●    42 per cent prefer more options while searching for a holiday home and a broad range of different kinds of stay to choose from.

●    Millennials prioritise sustainability (35 per cent) when booking a homestay, preferring environmentally friendly and socially responsible accommodations.

●    Additionally, 52 per cent would like homestays to have no hidden costs or additional service

●    Gen Z (born between 1997-2012)

●    50 per cent of Gen Z prioritise location - proximity to beaches, local attractions and scenic views) play an important role.

●    Gen Z travellers gravitate towards city apartments (43 per cent) when choosing holiday homes in India.

●    42 per cent of Gen Z cite that being able to see past and present reviews of the property is an important factor while booking a holiday home.

●    Gen Z prioritises pet-friendly accommodations where travellers can bring along their furry friends.

India’s Regional Revelations

The demand for alternative accommodations is surging in India with travellers looking for unique properties that offer an alternative to the traditional hotel experience demonstrating continued traveller appreciation for a broad range of different kinds of stays and the unique hospitality they offer. However, regional preferences play a role, as travellers from different regions exhibit unique preferences when it comes to selecting a holiday home.

●    Travellers from South India prefer farm stays (46 per cent) and houseboats (38 per cent), while those living in East & Northeast India (23 per cent), as well as North and Central India (20 per cent), lean towards cosy cabins.

●    Travellers living in West India state that they prioritise clean and tidy accommodation (64 per cent), fair/reasonable price (66 per cent), location (63 per cent) and security of the property (62 per cent) as features they are most likely to consider when booking one type of holiday home over another.

For the full Holiday Home Outlook Report please visit the link here.