ETML launches Adbytzz 2.0, the AI platform to unlock digital-led growth for brands

ETML launches Adbytzz 2.0, the AI platform to unlock digital-led growth for brands

ETML team unveils Adbytzz 2.0, offering significant competitive edge


Mumbai: Since its inception in 2013, Adbytzz has played a key role in helping ETML to deliver best-in-class technology & data-led marketing solutions to enterprises & brands. ETML team of data scientists & digital marketers have been consistently evolving Adbytzz into something that can give a huge competitive advantage to its clients and has finally revealed version 2.0 of their marquee product.

Adbytzz now connects & centralizes the brand’s data, campaigns & creatives from all key marketing channels, SaaS tools, CRM, MMPs, CDPs, Data Lakes etc and runs it through its AI growth engine. Under the hood of Adbytzz lies 100+ powerful growth recipes, frameworks, AI data models & experiments based on a decade-long of in-depth work by ETML in the digital marketing space. This enables the ETML team to perform deep analyses, monitoring & actionable across all fundamental building blocks of digital marketing to drive holistic business growth for its clients.

“Adbytzz has turned each one of us at ETML into a data expert. We simply need to plug in Adbytzz to our accounts and with a few simple clicks, we can take advantage of 100+ data-driven deep analyses with predictive algorithms. It's revolutionary, ‘quoted Ashutosh Upadhyay, Sr associate at ETML, while sharing his thoughts on how Adbytzz has strongly enabled him to deliver growth to the client portfolio managed by him.’

Using the latest AI technology, Adbytzz’s algorithms reiteratively work on figuring out the best optimisation event, creative, audience, platform and other dimensions of digital marketing to deliver sustainable growth with full predictability.

Image: Six dimensions of marketing powered by Adbytzz delivering holistic growth to its clients

ETML founder and CEO Raghav Kansal shared his thoughts on this launch, “Adbytzz 2.0 now goes beyond the regular campaign optimisation, ad-wastage control and live triggers. Adbytzz has been instrumental in unlocking completely untouched growth levers for our clients including the establishment of some of the complex data models such as: Geosynthetic brand incrementality, fatigue predictions, guardrails monitoring, lead grading, audience suppression &  more.”

Sharing a few success stories, Raghav mentioned, “ETML Team has already delivered significant growth results to its clients with the help of Adbytzz. For example, ETML helped a fintech unicorn App achieve 40X growth in acquisitions at 50 per cent reduced CAC and the adbytzz platform played a mission-critical role in driving such a high-intensity hyper-growth trajectory. For another client where ETML  helped a global FMCG brand scale 1.6x in revenue with 15 per cent reduced CAC, where adbytzz helped in deploying deep data models & analyses to help uncover key opportunities for unlocking this growth. There are several such sector-specific success stories where Adbytzz has played a pivotal role.”

On asking if Adbytzz 2.0 will be positioned as a SaaS tool in the market for the brands to take its benefits, Raghav answered, “Brands today need a holistic solution that optimizes the entire marketing stack to deliver efficient growth. Something that's best achieved via a man plus machine approach that ETML has championed over the decade. And that's the reason, we have decided to launch Adbytzz as an internal tool for now. Adbytzz now acts as the operating system of our agency to deliver consistently cutting edge & tech-enabled growth solutions to our clients.”

While ETML is already giving tough competition to global digital agencies, and now with Adbytzz 2.0, and the best marketing talent, it is embarking itself towards the path of becoming a global leader in this space.