dentsu India & digital behaviour initiative at IIT Delhi launch ‘Adoption of XR technology in India’ report

dentsu India & digital behaviour initiative at IIT Delhi launch ‘Adoption of XR technology in India’ report

XR technologies will revolutionise businesses & enhance consumer experience in India, says report.


Mumbai: In collaboration with Dr. Sumitava Mukherjee’s digital behaviour initiative at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Recogn - dentsu India's research division has released its latest research report titled "Adoption of XR technology in India."

The report discusses the various aspects of immersive XR technologies that will change the face of business and improve customer experiences. It also addresses consumer attitudes toward extended reality technologies. Additionally, it delves into how businesses can align themselves to implement these technologies in their operations, processes, etc.

Commenting on the report, dentsu India chief growth officer Simi Sabhaney said, "In the Indian context, an immersive technology such as extended reality needs to gain widespread adoption across multiple sectors in order to improve efficiencies, collaborations, and innovation. The introduction of 5G services in India heralds new opportunities. Furthermore, immersive experiences will push us beyond the edge."

"Investments in this technology will accelerate adoption and innovative applications. The growth of the metaverse will boost the adoption of extended reality, and together they will play a role in solving real-world problems. Brands should fast-track their focus toward incorporating these technologies into new strategies to lay a solid foundation for the internet's future," she added.

These reports are periodically published based on primary research conducted by Recogn, which provides consumer and business insights to its audience. The reports delve into the different aspects of the digital industry, consumer behaviour, and more. Additionally, the research also covers some relevant topics like Instagram in India – users’ perspective, voice technology in India, and the usage of the internet in the local language.

Digital behaviour initiative at IIT Delhi aims to work as a non-partisan academic research-based information tank in India that engages and informs the public about key aspects of human behaviour or cognition in the digital world. The report has been jointly designed by Dr. Sumitava Mukherjee from IIT Delhi and Dr. Payel C Mukherjee from IIIT Delhi.

Dentsu India: XR Technology Insights Report