Celebrating Mother's Day: Natureland Organics opening doors for women entrepreneurs

Celebrating Mother's Day: Natureland Organics opening doors for women entrepreneurs

The vision here is to empower the mothers of India.

Mother’s Day

Mumbai: Natureland Organics, a leader in the organic food sector is commemorating Mother’s Day by celebrating the spirit of mompreneurs. The vision here is to empower the mothers of India.

Natureland Organics is extending an invitation to all the mothers to collaborate with the brand as entrepreneurs by advocating for the products and gaining financial independence while also promoting healthier and more sustainable lifestyles.

This Mother’s Day, Natureland Organics is giving an opportunity to all mothers in metropolitan and tier-one cities across India to join their movement towards organic living, supporting local farmers, and enabling women especially mothers to work from the comfort of their homes.

Through this groundbreaking initiative, women are empowered to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams while balancing the responsibilities of family life, all while reaping the financial rewards. Harnessing the power of hashtags like #mompreneur and #womeninbusiness, we're amplifying our message across diverse platforms, igniting a movement that celebrates the resilience and success of modern mothers in business

One can choose to participate in this initiative through a unique working model: By enrolling into the programme from the site to receive a personalised code made for mompreneurs. They’ll be having access to exclusive 25 per cent off coupon code along with their respective names, one can benefit financially from every purchase made using your coupon code from the official company website. An excellent factor being that it does not require any sought of initial investment hence being feasible and accessible to homemakers out there.

Naturland Organic's initiative aims to empower women economically, enabling them to play pivotal roles in their households and contribute meaningfully to national economic growth. By providing opportunities within the FMCG industry, it not only enhances financial stability but also fosters recognition and career advancement for women. This dual impact not only strengthens individual households but also fuels broader societal progress, creating a more inclusive and dynamic economy for all

"This initiative aligns with our commitment to nature and society," said Natureland Organics co-founder and director Ajeet Godara. He further added, "We strive to support mothers, who are the pillars of our families and society, by providing them with an opportunity to gain financial independence while embracing organic living."

Natureland Organics is on the lookout for homemakers eager to re-enter the workforce, offering a unique opportunity for those with a degree, a vibrant social media presence, and a deep commitment to healthy eating and sustainable living. Ideal candidates will not only bring academic qualifications but also a passion for promoting well-being.