Celebrate Navratri with Lunchbox's exclusive festive menu

Celebrate Navratri with Lunchbox's exclusive festive menu

The limited-time offerings will be available to order on EatSure and across food aggregators

Navratri with Lunchbox

Mumbai: On the joyous occasion of Navratri, Lunchbox, the flagship brand of Rebel Foods, the world’s largest internet restaurant company today announced the launch of an exclusive Navratri Special Menu, which is carefully crafted to delight your taste buds and captures the essence of this joyous season with an aim to make fasting easy. Lunchbox is known for bringing the rich flavours of local cuisine, their new menu aims to elevate your Navratri fasting experience with a delightful array of dishes. These limited-time offerings will be available across 50+ cities in India, accompanied by a special launch of Vrat Snack Combo to enhance the fasting experience.

The special, no onion, no garlic menu includes a variety of dishes across Paneer Makhmali Bowl, Sitaphal Kheer, Sabudana Khichdi Curd Meal with Aloo Pattice and many others. The dishes from the Navratri Special Menu start from Rs 99. This special menu will be available across a host of platforms including EatSure and food aggregators starting from 15th October 2023. This will be a delightful experience for people who are in the office or living away from home and are unable to follow their fasting practices - either due to unavailability or lack of trust in the local food options available. Aiming to make Fasting Easy, Lunchbox Navratri's special menu will provide tasty, convenient fasting options for all people looking to follow traditions in their fast-paced lives.

Lunchbox will also cater to passengers travelling via the IRCTC network through EatSure, order food on the train facility on its app, where customers can order food from multiple restaurants and get it delivered to their seats using their PNR number. Lunchbox is dedicated to providing the taste of wholesome meals and premium quality food to elevate the consumer experience. In addition to the regular offerings, the specially curated Navratri menu, will allow individuals to savour nutritious, fasting-friendly meals during periods of spiritual significance, ensuring a deeply fulfilling and meaningful dining experience while on the move.

Some of the key dishes from the extensive menu include:

Vrat Snack Combo (Save Rs 69 Extra) - A snack combo of our delicious Aloo Chaap and Sabudana Vada to make your Navratri truly special

Sabudana Khichdi Curd Meal with Aloo Pattice - All-time favourite Navratri Upvas essential made with sabudana, green chillies and roasted peanuts and served with Upvas Aloo Pattice & Curd

Sabudana Khichdi & Makhmali Paneer Vrat Thali - An exciting Navratri Vrat special dish to make your day. Sabudana Khichdi with Curd served with a delicious and creamy Makhmali Paneer Curry

Sabudana Khichdi with Dum Aloo Vrat Thali - Experience the perfect blend of flavours with our Sabudana Khichdi & Dum Aloo Combo. Served with creamy curd, a delightful meal that captures the essence of Navratri.

Sabudana Vada with Imli Chutney and Curd - Made with freshly ground sabudana, mashed potatoes & aromatic spices, our Sabudana Vada with imli chutney & curd will surely be your Navratri Vrat favourite

Upvas Aloo Pattice with Imli Chutney and Curd - A quick and delicious appetizer, sure to be your Navratri Upvas favourite served with delicious imli chutney and curd

Sabudana Vada with Curd (3CP) - Made with freshly ground sabudana, mashed potatoes & aromatic spices, our Sabudana Vada with curd will surely be your Navratri Upvas favourite

Paneer Makhmali Bowl (Half Kg) - Creamy Paneer Gravy made with delicious and aromatic spices

Dum Aloo Bowl (Half Kg) -  Indulge in the irresistible flavours of our Dum Aloo. This dish true to the essence of Navratri, offers a satisfying experience

Sitaphal Kheer (100 gms) - Made with fresh custard apple pulp and cream, this Sitaphal Kheer is sure to give a sweet ending to your Navratri fasting meal.

Sharing some insights about the menu, Aruj Garg, Category & Brand Head at Rebel Foods stated, “To embrace the joyous occasion of Navratri and our commitment to customer preferences, We are keeping alive our annual tradition, by unveiling a special menu that coincides with the festive occasion, offering dishes that are not only bursting with flavour but also deeply satisfying. Keeping the upvas and the satvik aahar that many take in mind this year, LunchBox presents a special menu, offering a delightful array of fresh and nutritious recipes, thoughtfully priced to satiate hunger and make your Navratri celebrations even more special.”