Appy Pie launches an all-new DIY chatbot builder in India

Appy Pie launches an all-new DIY chatbot builder in India

Appy Pie

New Delhi: Appy Pie, the leading cloud based no-code app building platform that lets businesses convert their app ideas to reality without the hassle of getting into the nuances of coding, has launched an all-new chatbot builder. With a wide array of beautiful templates, the DIY chatbot builder can help enhance the outreach and customer interaction for a wide range of businesses. Currently in an Open Beta version, the chatbot builder is super easy to use and one just needs to go through three simple steps to get started. 

To meet the requirements of different businesses, Appy Pie is offering users a huge bank of pre-designed templates to choose from. While there are templates to serve the purpose of inquiry and appointment chatbots, there are a few other case specific templates for purposes such as course enrollment, recruitment, health insurance and loan application, among others.

Talking about the new offering, Appy Pie founder Abhinav Girdhar said, “We are also giving our customers the option to go for live chatbot wherein once a botflow is completed, it would automatically redirect the customer to a live agent. The chatbots can also be customized with regard to look & feel and there’s also a first-in-the-segment provision to integrate a brand logo with the same.” 

The comprehensive bouquet of chatbot builder further includes an answer bot which is based on AI, NLP and ML. While usually chatbots pose questions for the customers to answer, Appy Pie’s answer bot will respond to the queries raised. In case it is unable to provide a response, it will give the customers an option to chat directly with a live agent or send an inquiry which can be answered by a company representative. 

The Appy Pie chatbot builder enables the integration of the chatbots on websites. Going ahead, a mechanism is slated to be introduced to integrate the chatbots with apps and social media platforms such as Facebook. Also, in the pipeline is a customized plug-in for WordPress. To ensure a seamless and hassle-free integration, the platform provides a widget code, which the user merely needs to paste in their website’s html. 

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