Animeta & Technopak team up for ROI-driven influencer marketing

Animeta & Technopak team up for ROI-driven influencer marketing

Animeta Brandstar will take charge of executing campaigns efficiently, ensuring optimal outcomes.


Mumbai: Animeta and Technopak proudly announce their strategic collaboration, uniting Animeta's tech-data-enabled influencer marketing prowess with Technopak's three-decade-long expertise in management consulting within the Indian sub-continent. In this collaboration, Technopak will spearhead client acquisition efforts for Animeta Brandstar. Meanwhile, Animeta Brandstar will take charge of executing campaigns efficiently, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Animeta Brandstar revolutionizes influencer marketing with advanced tech, empowering brands to run precise campaigns with ideal creators. Prioritizing ROI and performance metrics, it provides invaluable insights for refining influencer marketing strategies effectively. Essentially, Animeta combines advanced technology with managed services for holistic campaign planning, execution & tracking.  The 'Animeta Verified Program' ensures expert creator curation, enhancing video commerce skills. Streamlined processes include creator selection, production oversight, and seamless interaction with consumers using short-links and auto-chat tech. Integration with e-commerce platforms ensures smooth transactions and real-time performance assessment.

Animeta founder Anish Mehta shared his excitement, "It’s all about right ‘Collabs’ in the Creator Economy. Partnering with Technopak, a top management consulting firm, is one such exciting ‘Collab’ for Animeta. Combining our tech-data platform with Technopak's market expertise & access will enable us to provide impactful influencer marketing & creator commerce solutions to brands, while delivering tangible ROI for their investments through the creation of near-term sales & long-term value”.

Founded on the philosophy of "concept to commissioning," Technopak forms strategic partnerships with clients, aiding them in identifying high-value opportunities, overcoming critical challenges, and fostering robust, high-growth business models. Leveraging the collective expertise of over 85 professionals, Technopak specializes in consulting, M&A and marketing partnerships across sectors including retail, consumer products, fashion (textile and apparel), food services and sustainability.

Technopak president & managing partner Saloni Nangia articulated her enthusiasm, "At Technopak, our core commitment is empowering businesses with innovative solutions driving growth & we’re on the constant lookout for progressively disruptive solutions which can create long-term business impact. Our collaboration with Animeta underscores this dedication, as we integrate Animeta's advanced tech-data platform into our service offerings at Technopak. Together, we aim to deliver unparalleled value and measurable results across retail, consumer goods, fashion and services sectors."

The collaboration between Animeta and Technopak signifies a synergy of expertise and innovation, poised to drive substantial value and measurable outcomes for businesses across various industries.