Anchor reinforces leadership in load bearing with a new brand film

Anchor reinforces leadership in load bearing with a new brand film

Wondrlab's film highlights Anchor's quality products in India's social fabric.


Mumbai: Anchor by Panasonic, one of India’s leading manufacturers of electricals

has launched a new film cementing its position as a leader when it comes to load bearing.

The campaign was conceived for the ongoing cricket season and uses a very insightful story to land the importance of the product offerings. Indians are anyway very socially connected people.

This sense of community gets further amplified when it comes to Cricket.

In any locality, housing society, or circle of friends, there is always that one home that plays host to all the big matches. The viewing parties albeit always fun, come with their share of eccentric characters, over-friendly neighbours and friends who not just use, but abuse the hospitality of this host.

In a light-hearted way, this film showcases how these gatherings often lead to an excessive spike in the electric load.

Sunil Narula, Senior VP – sales & marketing said “The Wondrlab team has excelled in vividly showcasing our category. At Anchor by Panasonic, our steadfast belief has always been to offer our consumers top-quality, technologically advanced products. With this latest campaign, we've elevated our brand positioning, further emphasizing our industry leadership.”

Wondrlab co-founder and chief creative officer Amit Akali said, “Historically, wires, MCBs and switches have been a low-involvement category for the consumer. The creative challenge here was to bring Anchor by Panasonic’s load-bearing products to the fore in an engaging manner. We operated on a quintessentially Indian insight of being magnanimous and welcoming of our near and dear ones, irrespective of the load that comes with it, electric load included. In the film, we have portrayed an endearingly relatable instance centred around communal cricket-watching and contextual occasion.”

The Switches, MCBs, and Wires from Anchor by Panasonic are made with Japanese Technology that empowers them to bear these excessive loads and thereby make such wonderful events just that, wonderful.