17 years of Max: Redefining affordable fashion in India

17 years of Max: Redefining affordable fashion in India

Targets steady expansion in 2024


Mumbai: Max Fashion, marks 17 years of its presence in India, touching over 480 stores. The brand's success is deeply rooted in its core values of, affordability, and trendsetting styles, making fashion clothing accessible to everyone. Reaffirming its promise to serve millions of Indian consumers, Max captures a share of mind in value fashion, catering to the ever-changing needs of its target audience. Growing its customer base to 35 million, the brand is geared to set new benchmarks for the apparel market, building a strong connect with the style-conscious, youth audience.  

Max Fashion vice president & head of marketing Pallavi Pandey adds, “Max has always been driven by a vision to democratize fashion, and our growing position in the market is a testament of the trust and loyalty customers have shown towards the brand, over the years. We are very excited about the evolving and rapidly transforming Indian market. The opportunities in our market are immense and we continuously strive to deliver the latest fashion trends at affordable prices to everyone on the Family.”

Always ahead of the times, Max continues to build its prowess in creating a world-class shopping experience. Extending its presence from offline to online with its e-commerce platform maxfashion.com and now on mobile, the brand stands out for its largest social footprint with 1 million+ youth following on Facebook and Instagram. The entire gamut of the shopping experience, from e-kiosks to features like click ‘n’ collect at stores, is driven by omnichannel thinking and the brand’s belief in ease of shopping.

One of the first to have introduced international styles, Max keeps up with an up-to-date clothing line for its diverse audience, bringing in new styles every 45 days. To match evolving trends and consumer demand, the brand introduced new fashion verticals, ensuring everyone finds what they want. From shirt shop to Lingerie, to baby clothes, Max recently launched its new line of sustainable products under, “Max Cares”.

Witnessing a sharp rise in customer loyalty and an increasing base of new shoppers, year on year, Max is invested responsibly. The brand actively engages in initiatives that reduce environmental impact, promote ethical sourcing, and support community development.