“AET spends around 6-7 per cent of its revenue solely on R&D” Su Piow Ko

“AET spends around 6-7 per cent of its revenue solely on R&D” Su Piow Ko

we aim to drive growth and expansion in the growing Indian market.

Su Piow Ko

Mumbai: In the realm of visual communication technology, AET Displays Ltd. Established in 2015 and later joining forces with the Guangda Group in 2019, AET has swiftly risen to prominence in the LED display manufacturing sector. Renowned for its precision engineering and unwavering commitment to research and development.

AET has redefined industry standards with its cutting-edge displays. With a diverse portfolio spanning indoor and outdoor applications, cinema, and broadcasting, AET's displays offer unparalleled clarity and vibrancy, captivating audiences worldwide.

As a leader in fine pitch, MiniLED, and MicroLED technologies, AET continues to push boundaries and set new benchmarks, making it the preferred partner for businesses seeking visual excellence.

Indiantelevision caught up with AET Displays Ltd vice president Su Piow Ko and talked about strategic evolution, market analysis and expansion strategy, embracing micro LED technology, R&D excellence and much more…

On AET Display's growth evolving in recent years, detailing major milestones and strategies employed for brand expansion

Starting with how we stand in the market, it took us three years to design, manufacture, and enter the market. What makes us stand firm in the market? Well, our modern packaging technologies - COB Technology (Chip on Board), MIP Technology (Micro LED in Package) & QCOB technology as well as our exceptional R&D technologies set us apart from our major competitors. AET is now a Fully vertically Integrated supply chain with a major focus on Mini & Micro LED tech for now. No wonder AET is a place where brilliance meets innovation!

On AET Display approaching the market analysis and identifying opportunities for growth and expansion within the fine-pitch LED display industry

AET Display employs comprehensive market analysis, leveraging data-driven insights and industry expertise to identify trends, customer preferences, and emerging opportunities. This informs strategic decisions, enabling proactive steps in product development, market penetration, and competitive positioning within the fine-pitch LED display sector.

On the new markets or regions that AET Display is targeting for expansion, and factors contributing to the selection of these markets

AET Displays, a Fully vertical Integrated supply chain is targeting pan India for expansion, which does not only include metropolitan cities, but tier 2 & 3 cities as well. However, our major targets for 2024 are - Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune & Lucknow. Notably, we had a partner event called ‘Envision Brilliance’ in Lucknow on 27th January, 24, which was a great success. India’s movement towards digital India as well as the transformation of the advertising industry, from simple billboards to active LEDs made us decide to go for the Indian market. Additionally, India being among the fastest-growing economies attracted our focus.  

On AET Display positioning itself to leverage Micro LED technology and the advantages that micro LED offers over traditional LED displays

As mentioned above, AET being the fully vertical Integrated supply chain is majorly targeting the Mini & Micro LED technology. AET has fully automated COB manufacturing, producing 5000 sqm/month. Our micro LED offers - enhanced brightness & contrast, energy efficiency, sustainability, faster response time, and many more.

On the R&D efforts that AET Display is undertaking to advance micro LED technology and integrate it into its product lineup

AET Display's R&D efforts in Micro LED technology focus on enhancing display performance, optimizing manufacturing processes, and ensuring seamless integration into existing product lines. Notably, AET spends around 6-7 per cent of its revenue solely on R&D. Our current R&D technologies are listed below:

   2D/3D Nano Quantum Dot materials

   QD LED Chips

   Micro-LED Specialised Control ICs

   Driver ICs

   Embedded CPU Image Multiprocessing

   Micro Pitch LED Display Technology

On the key priorities and objectives for AET Display in terms of continued growth and expansion in the coming years

AET Display's major focus is to bring modern LED technology to India alongside advancing R&D and implementing modern packaging solutions. We are majorly focused on providing our customers with superior after-sales support. By catering to India's growing tech demand, and staying innovative, we aim to drive growth and expansion in the growing Indian market.