"We at 1 2 101 plan to see a significant rise in our impact and reach over the next three years": 1 2 101's Riddhi Punjani and Rahim Lakhani

"We at 1 2 101 plan to see a significant rise in our impact and reach over the next three years": 1 2 101's Riddhi Punjani and Rahim Lakhani

They transcend traditional consulting services to establish robust business partnerships.


Mumbai: 1 2 101 is a distinguished business growth hacking company that offers actionable solutions on a global scale. Founded by experienced entrepreneurs, Riddhi Punjani and Rahim Lakhani, transcends traditional consulting services to establish robust business partnerships. Their unwavering commitment to an independent and innovative approach has led to specialise in tailoring and executing business strategies that propel brands to new heights.

As experts in all facets of business, brand development, and financial growth Notably, they have consistently achieved an annual revenue in the eight-figure range, underscoring their track record of success and ability to drive significant value for clients.

Indiantelevision caught up with both the founders of 1 2 101 in a joint email interaction with Punjani and Lakhani, as they shared more insights on their company’s goals, future plans and more…

Edited excerpts

On services that the company offer as a business growth hacking company

1 2 101, a comprehensive business growth hacking firm, aims to enable businesses and brands to reach their full potential. Our core services include business development, in which we work closely together to pinpoint opportunities and carry out growth activities, and brand development, which entails creating and honing brand identities that appeal to target markets. In addition to providing organisational structuring knowledge to improve internal processes, we excel at social media strategy and execution, ensuring a consistent brand presence across digital channels. Our tailored approach includes branding, crisis management, team training programs, and more; all are intended to meet specific needs and promote long-term growth for our brand partners.

On elaborating the company's track record of success in terms of annual revenue

In the past nine months of existence, 1 2 101 has already surpassed the 8-figure revenue threshold, reaching an incredible milestone. This outstanding achievement highlights our team's excellent capacity to spur substantial business growth and provide measurable outcomes for our business partners. In addition to our commitment, we take immense pride in establishing ourselves as reliable partners for businesses looking for quick and significant revenue development.

On the company contributing to brand development and financial growth for its clients

At 1 2 101, we don't use the word "client" to describe our customers; rather, we think of them as partners with whom we work to build their brands. We take a comprehensive approach to brand growth and financial success that includes brand partnerships, collaborations, revenue-generating activations, and the implementation of creative strategies. We are committed to accelerating the growth trajectory, whether by increasing brand awareness or developing creative marketing strategies.

Our priority is to build strong brand recall and encourage customer loyalty. Each approach and strategy we use has been driven by the desire to guarantee demonstrable progress for our business partners, which will eventually result in stronger brands and better financial performance. Our commitment to deliver measurable results is at the heart of our approach. We thrive on seeing our partners’ businesses flourish and their brands strengthen.

On some of the industries or sectors that the company has experienced working with

With both the co-founders, Riddhi Punjani and Rahim Lakhani gaining experience from various different industries ranging from performing arts, fine jewellery, and fashion to interior design and more, 1 2 101 has been fortunate to be able to penetrate into the luxury, lifestyle, fashion, food and beverage (F&B) and FMCG industries.

While our company holds strong roots in these fields, we also keep an eye towards the future and are continuously looking for ways to broaden our horizons and enter new markets. This dynamic approach ensures we're adaptable and well-equipped to address the unique opportunities and challenges brought about by various industries, which will ultimately help our business partners and their objectives for progress.

On seeing the company's goals in the next three years

We at 1 2 101 plan to see a significant rise in our impact and reach over the next three years. Our primary objective is to help at least 100 brands and companies reach their growth targets.  Additionally, we want to grow our internal operations. To meet the growing demand for our services, our ambition calls for expanding our team's size. Our skilled team members' growth and development are crucial to our success, therefore we work to provide them with opportunities to succeed. We also want to expand our operations beyond where they are now. In order to serve our partners locally and enter new markets, we hope to have a presence in at least three major cities by the end of the next three years.

Our enthusiasm for empowering businesses to develop and prosper is what inspired us to start 1 2 101. We take pleasure in being the first to create and use this word as pioneers in the field of BUSINESS GROWTH HACKING. While merchandising and consulting are essential components of our job, we go above and beyond these responsibilities to genuinely transform corporate growth.