Vijay Deverakonda relaunches RWDY – Street Indian Culture!

Vijay Deverakonda relaunches RWDY – Street Indian Culture!

At the core of RWDY lies a compelling mantra – ‘Reclaiming Your Indian Superiority’.

Vijay Deverakonda

Mumbai: Acclaimed superstar and entrepreneur Vijay Deverakonda makes a dynamic foray into the fashion industry with the relaunch of his street wear brand, RWDY – Street Indian Culture. This ground-breaking initiative introduces a fresh philosophy and vision for the fashion line, symbolising a bold step toward celebrating India’s rich heritage and culture.

At the core of RWDY lies a compelling mantra – ‘Reclaiming Your Indian Superiority,’ echoing a commitment to revive and honour India’s cultural richness. The brand sets itself apart through a dedication to quality, innovative design, and the establishment of a movement that reclaims cultural supremacy within the realm of contemporary fashion.

RWDY’s commitment to creating experiences that redefine and differentiate is evident in their products, which seamlessly blend the utility and convenience of modern design with the celebration of India’s cultural roots. The brand’s ethos hopes to spark a movement, transforming fashion into a connection with heritage, history, and people, inspiring a global audience to embrace the richness of Indian culture.

A key aspect of RWDY’s vision is the creation of clothing meant to endure, to be passed down through generations of friends and family—a testament to the brand’s commitment to producing pieces that instil pride. Vijay Deverakonda’s decision to bring Western fashion to the Indian audience at an affordable price reflects a shift in his own tastes and preferences over the years.

Speaking about the brand and his inspiration behind it, Vijay Deverakonda remarked, “India 300 years ago, was the centre of the world’s attention. Every powerful country and empire in the world wanted a piece of us and exploited our resources, skill, culture and wealth. Today, There is a massive power shift happening, politically, economically, culturally. Everybody can see it is India’s time at the world’s centre stage. Again. RWDY Indian street culture is our contribution to this movement. A time and a generation that is confident and proud of their roots, heritage and culture. India were the leaders of textile industry and our workmanship was and is art. And we are set to takeover as leaders on every front. RWDY aims to incorporate our rich culture into contemporary street clothing. Our goal is to contribute to Reclaiming Indian supremacy in fashion. Each piece of clothing you hold in your hands carries the legacy of our great nation’s rich textile craft and culture. Our vision is simple— “We start from the streets of India. We aim to take over the streets of the world.”

RWDY – Street Indian Culture is set to redefine the fashion landscape, offering a unique blend of contemporary design and traditional Indian values. As the brand launches today, Vijay Deverakonda embarks on an exciting journey to reclaim Indian superiority in the world of fashion.