Svish launches hair removal spray with Shikhar Dhawan as brand ambassador

Svish launches hair removal spray with Shikhar Dhawan as brand ambassador

The endorsement underscores the superior quality & performance of Svish hair removal spray.


Mumbai: Svish, a trailblazer in men's grooming, is delighted to announce the latest breakthrough in male personal care: Svish hair removal spray, now proudly endorsed by cricket sensation Shikhar Dhawan. This collaboration signifies a remarkable fusion of sporting prowess and grooming innovation, revolutionising the way men approach hair removal.

The endorsement of Shikhar Dhawan, a symbol of style and grooming in the world of cricket, underscores the superior quality and performance of Svish hair removal spray. His association with Svish exemplifies the brand's commitment to excellence and innovation in men's grooming.

Svish hair removal spray has already captured the attention of discerning consumers for its pioneering features and unparalleled performance. Notably, it is the world's first hair removal spray certified by Safe Cosmetics Australia, ensuring utmost safety and efficacy in every application.

Key features of Svish Hair removal spray:

●    Made safe certified: Svish Hair Removal Spray bears the prestigious certification from Safe Cosmetics Australia, guaranteeing its adherence to stringent safety standards, and assuring consumers of a trusted grooming experience.

●    Proprietary ingredients: Crafted with a blend of premium ingredients including Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Chamomile, and Shea Butter, Svish Hair Removal Spray offers a harmonious balance of effectiveness and skin care benefits.

●    Aloe vera: Renowned for its hydrating and soothing properties, Aloe Vera helps to calm the skin and minimise irritation during hair removal, ensuring a comfortable experience.

●    Witch hazel: With its natural astringent properties, Witch Hazel helps to tighten pores and reduce inflammation, promoting smoother skin post hair removal.

●    Chamomile: Chamomile's anti-inflammatory properties make it an ideal ingredient for sensitive skin, soothing redness and discomfort caused by hair removal.

●    Shea butter: Known for its moisturising and nourishing qualities, Shea Butter hydrates the skin and enhances its elasticity, leaving it feeling soft and supple after hair removal.

●    360-degree nozzle: Svish Hair Removal Spray boasts a cutting-edge 360-degree nozzle design, allowing for effortless application from any angle, even in the most hard-to-reach areas, ensuring thorough coverage and convenience.

Svish hair removal spray is readily available for purchase on leading online marketplaces including Amazon, Flipkart, as well as quick commerce platforms like Zepto and Blinkit, enabling consumers to experience the next level of grooming convenience.