PM Narendra Modi achieves an approval rating of 65 cent in September 2023: Ipsos IndiaBus Poll

PM Narendra Modi achieves an approval rating of 65 cent in September 2023: Ipsos IndiaBus Poll

Popularity high in a western zone with an approval rating of 80 per cent

Ipsos IndiaBus

Mumbai: According to the new wave of the Ipsos IndiaBus Poll, PM Narendra Modi has achieved an Approval Rating (AR) of 65 per cent among urban Indians. Seven per cent were neutral, 18 per cent disapproved and nine per cent were undecided.

Ipsos IndiaBus Poll

Zones, cities,  SECs, age groups, cohorts – How does Mr Modi stack up

Zone-wise, the approval rating outcome showed Mr Modi achieving a higher rating in western India (80 per cent), eastern India (73 per cent), and northern India (72 per cent), though in southern India his approval rating was a measly 31 per cent. Likewise, his AR was higher in tier one (76 per cent), tier two (64 per cent) and tier three (62 per cent) vis-à-vis metros (58 per cent). Interestingly, his AR was almost the same across SECs – SEC A (69 per cent), SEC B (64 per cent) and SEC C (63 per cent).

Approval rating across the two genders was almost at par – women (65 per cent) and men (64 per cent). A similar trend was noticeable across age groups where his approval rating was steady – 18-30-year-olds (66 per cent), 31-45 years (64 per cent) and 45 (64 per cent).  Also across the different cohorts, his approval rating was high – unemployed (75 per cent), students (69 per cent), employed (67 per cent) and full-time parent/ homemaker (63 per cent), with the exception of the self-employed (47 per cent).

Notably, those with higher education gave a higher approval rating of 70 per cent to Mr Modi versus those with lower education, who gave an AR of 61 per cent.  

ESG and CSR group service line leader, public affairs, and corporate reputation Parijat Chakraborty said, "PM Narendra Modi has achieved an approval rating of 65% on how Indians perceive his role as the prime minister of India. By and large across demographics Mr. Modi has received high approval ratings considering some respondents were undecided or neutral. His disapproval is less than 2 in 10, while his approval is 2 in 3 of those polled. Only the residents of the south zone and the self-employed seem disgruntled. Under his stewardship India has been shining on several fronts, recently he has gathered new feathers in his cap of Chandrayaan 3, Aditya L1 and India successfully hosting the G20 Summit. He also has the gift of the gab and connects with audiences across SECs and age groups."      


Ipsos IndiaBus is a monthly pan India omnibus (which also runs multiple client surveys), that uses a structured questionnaire and is conducted by Ipsos India on diverse topics among 2200 respondents from SEC A, B and C households, covering adults of both genders from all four zones in the country. The survey is conducted in metros, Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns, providing a more robust and representative view of urban Indians. The respondents were polled face-to-face and online. We have a city-level quota for each demographic segment that ensures the waves are identical and no additional sampling error. The data is weighted by demographics and city-class population to arrive at the national average.