Namakwali strikes deal with Car Dekho founder on Shark Tank India

Namakwali strikes deal with Car Dekho founder on Shark Tank India

Namakwali started with a modest investment of 150,000 rupees.


Mumbai: In the serene foothills of Uttarakhand, amidst the lush greens and mountain breezes, a tale of entrepreneurial spirit and social impact unfolds. Meet Shashi Bahuguna Raturi, the visionary founder of Yellow Hinsar Pvt Ltd and the driving force behind the acclaimed brand Namakwali.

It all began in September 2020 when Shashi, at the age of 50, officially registered Yellow Hinsar Pvt Ltd. However, the roots of her journey trace back to 2018 when she commenced operations through Instagram and Facebook. Prior to this venture, Shashi was deeply involved in running an NGO focused on women's empowerment, marking her commitment to uplifting marginalised communities.

The motivation behind Namakwali was twofold - to generate income for rural women and to showcase the natural and organic products of the mountains. With a desire to provide healthy alternatives while empowering women, Shashi embarked on a journey that would transform into a thriving business endeavour.

Recently in this season of Shark Tank India, she participated and represented her brand at the national level. They also got a deal from Amit Jain, founder of Car Dekho.

As the sun sets over the majestic Himalayas, Shashi Bahuguna Raturi's journey continues to inspire, illuminating pathways for women empowerment and sustainable entrepreneurship in the heart of the mountains.

Bootstrapped from the outset, Namakwali started with a modest investment of 150,000 rupees. Yet, through dedication and perseverance, the business flourished, achieving an annual turnover of 50 lakh.

Namakwali's business model revolves around direct-to-consumer (D2C) operations, offering a diverse range of 21 products priced between Rs120 to Rs2800. Their primary clientele consists of health-conscious consumers who value natural and organic products.

Headquartered at Upper Tunwala Ambika Vihar, Dehradun, Namakwali currently operates with a team of 13 individuals. Their manufacturing and packaging unit spans 1200 square feet, housing a dedicated workforce.

Looking ahead, Namakwali aims to expand its presence offline by venturing into supermarkets and stores in metropolitan cities, with aspirations for international expansion on the horizon.

Beyond business, Shashi's journey is deeply personal. Raised in Uttarakhand, her love for local cuisine and passion for community development were ingrained from an early age. Armed with a degree in social work, she embarked on a mission to empower women, with her family and friends providing unwavering support along the way.

Within her familial circle, Shashi is supported by her esteemed husband, and her cherished sons, Navendu Raturi and Suvendu Raturi, each contributing to the family's journey of growth and resilience.

Shashi's legacy extends beyond Namakwali. In 1982, she laid the foundation for community awareness initiatives through the establishment of Balwadis, now recognised as Anganwadis, symbolising a testament to her enduring commitment to societal impact and empowerment.