DashLoc’s GenAI empowers brands to achieve higher rankings through Google’s generative search: Sumit Singh

DashLoc’s GenAI empowers brands to achieve higher rankings through Google’s generative search: Sumit Singh

we aim to elevate global brand performance for seamless, rewarding experiences.

Sumit Singh

Mumbai: DashLoc emerged as a trailblazer, reshaping the landscape of hyperlocal retail with its GenAI-enabled platform. Established in 2020 and headquartered in Bangalore, with a strategic presence in New Delhi, DashLoc was founded by Sumit Singh and Gaurav Kumar. They were driven by a visionary mission to elevate the online visibility of virtual retail establishments, setting themselves apart from competitors.

DashLoc is strategically focused on delivering tangible returns on investment, backed by cutting-edge technology, cost-effectiveness, and unwavering support for brands. As the brand charts an impressive trajectory with an 800 per cent year-on-year growth, DashLoc's three-step approach, unique dashboard, and global expansion aspirations position it at the forefront of revolutionizing how businesses thrive in the hyperlocal space.

Indiantelevision caught up with DashLoc CEO and co-founder Sumit Singh, who has a knack for innovation. co-founding DashLoc after overcoming initial challenges, he shaped DashLoc's future with a blend of technical prowess and strategic vision.

On the inspiration behind establishing DashLoc

In 2019, my co-founder Gaurav Kumar and I (Sumit Singh) began our journey in virtual event management, focusing on seamless virtual events. Through collaborations with diverse brands, a recurring challenge surfaced – the decentralized management of multiple stores. Identifying this gap, we introduced DashLoc, a transformative Global Business Platform. DashLoc acts as a singular hub, ensuring transparency and efficient management for various brand locations. Our mission is to aid brands in organizing, optimizing, and monetizing their extensive networks, redefining the landscape with a solution that goes beyond expectations.

On DashLoc envisioning to empower global markets and provide a seamless experience from discovery to conversion.

At DashLoc, we envision empowering global markets by offering a comprehensive and seamless experience from discovery to conversion. Through our Global Business Platform, we centralize information, allowing brands to efficiently manage their diverse stores and locations worldwide. Our platform facilitates streamlined discovery, ensuring customers can easily find and engage with brand offerings. Moreover, our features, such as transparent data insights and efficient management tools, contribute to a seamless customer journey, from the initial discovery of products or services to the ultimate conversion. By optimizing the entire process, we aim to elevate brand performance and deliver a consistent and rewarding experience for both businesses and customers on a global scale.

On DashLoc differentiating itself from competitors in the hyperlocal platform space

At DashLoc, we set ourselves apart in the hyperlocal platform space by offering a Global Business Platform that goes beyond mere listing management, focusing on the holistic growth of retail businesses. Unlike narrower-focused solutions, DashLoc empowers businesses to efficiently oversee their diverse stores and global locations through a centralized hub for streamlined operations. Our commitment to transparent data insights and seamless management tools positions DashLoc as a leader, fostering informed decision-making and efficient processes.

What truly distinguishes DashLoc is our customer-centric philosophy, prioritizing a seamless customer journey from discovery to conversion. Unlike some hyperlocal platforms, DashLoc takes a global optimization approach, catering to businesses with an extensive network of stores. The platform’s innovative discovery features, customizable solutions, and tech-driven optimization solidify our competitive edge, ensuring that DashLoc not only meets the unique needs of businesses operating globally but also stays at the forefront of innovation in the hyperlocal platform space.

On the specific features of the GenAI-enabled solution and micro-level optimization that makes DashLoc unique

DashLoc’s GenAI empowers brands to achieve higher rankings through Google’s generative search. This innovative feature automatically optimizes brand visibility, aligning seamlessly with user intent and signals derived from page content. Leveraging the capabilities of Google’s generative search, we ensure that brands can organically connect with users, providing a more intuitive and user-centric search experience. The integration of GenAI with Google’s generative search not only enhances brand visibility but also facilitates a harmonious alignment between user search intent and the content signals on a webpage.

On DashLoc planning to boost brands’ online presence and aid in customer acquisition as part of its mission

Elevating brands’ online presence and driving customer acquisition is our core mission at DashLoc. Through our Global Business Platform and micro-level optimization, we ensure brands secure prominent positions in relevant search results, optimizing visibility comprehensively. Our dedication to a customer-centric experience, global optimization, strategic content delivery, real-time adaptability, and data-driven decision-making collectively heighten the chances of effective customer acquisition. The integration of adaptive intelligence and Google’s generative search aligns brands seamlessly with user intent, ensuring not only discoverability but resonance. This approach contributes to a compelling and successful digital brand strategy here at DashLoc.

On the specific client-specific challenges that the upgraded version of the platform is addressing

In the enhanced edition, we’ve revamped data visualization, focusing on resolving the particular challenge of review management for MBOs. Additional features include advanced remarketing capabilities and the introduction of a brand and store-specific reporting system. As a technology-driven platform, our commitment to staying ahead of competitors is reflected in our continuous efforts to seamlessly integrate innovative features. The incorporation of a vernacular microsite, coupled with dashboard control, not only facilitates online presence for brands but also ensures communication in regional languages, maximizing outreach to a diverse consumer base. This strategic approach positions us at the forefront of technology, providing a smooth pathway for the incorporation of new features and further innovation.

On DashLoc strategically implementing its monetization model to generate revenue and the impact it has had on the company’s bottom line

We at DashLoc have strategically implemented a monetization model, adopting a bootstrap approach centred on tiered subscription plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses on our Global Business Platform. By offering scalable solutions, we ensure profitability, providing clients with the flexibility to select subscription levels aligning with their specific requirements for efficient store and location management. This aggressive strategy in client acquisition and growth has led to a diversified income stream, significantly impacting DashLoc’s bottom line. The success of this monetization strategy not only fortifies financial stability but also fuels ongoing platform development, innovative feature integration, and overall business expansion. Our resilient and strategic approach positions us as a noteworthy player in the competitive landscape.

On features that we can expect from the upgraded version of DashLoc’s platform

In our upgraded version of DashLoc’s platform, we’re introducing a range of advanced features aimed at enhancing user experience and providing businesses with powerful management tools. Expect improvements such as enhanced data visualization for more informed decision-making, targeted solutions to address Multi-Brand Outlets’ (MBOs) review management challenges, and additional remarketing features for increased audience engagement. Our platform will also incorporate a sophisticated brand and store-based reporting system, offering granular insights into performance at various levels. Staying at the forefront of technology, we ensure seamless integration of these new features. Additionally, the introduction of a vernacular microsite with dashboard control will facilitate an online presence in regional languages, maximizing consumer outreach. These upgrades collectively emphasize our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and empowering businesses with a comprehensive set of tools for optimal store and location management.

On the next three-year plans and considerations being made for expansion in various countries

Embarking on an ambitious venture, we are poised to develop a comprehensive 360-degree platform, revolutionizing hyperlocal discovery and growth. Our expansion into the global market is fueled by a keen observation of the current landscape, which predominantly offers listing management tools. In contrast, our vision is to provide a holistic solution encompassing leads generation, enhanced visibility, review management, and navigation services. As we set our sights on capturing a substantial 60 per cent market share in India and a range of 5-10 per cent globally, our overarching objective is to achieve an impressive 500 times revenue growth through the platform while maintaining sustained profitability throughout the upcoming years.