“AIWA India stays ahead by closely monitoring market trends and consumer behaviour”: AIWA India’s Ajay Mehta

“AIWA India stays ahead by closely monitoring market trends and consumer behaviour”: AIWA India’s Ajay Mehta

AIWA stands out with a legacy of innovation, quality commitment, and customer-centricity.

Ajay Mehta

Mumbai: Founded in 1951, AIWA, a pioneer in consumer electronics, once dominated the audio scene with iconic cassette tape recorders. The company is best known for its speakers, boomboxes, and stereo systems. After a hiatus, the brand has resurged globally, including in India, with innovative devices meeting the demands of today's tech-savvy consumers. Committed to quality and affordability, AIWA India strives to redefine the electronics landscape with a 'Made in India' touch and unparalleled after-sales service.

Indiantelevision.com in an email chat with AIWA India MD Ajay Mehta gained insights on Aiwa’s differentiating aspect, capitalising on the evolving trends in the consumer electronics landscape, and more…

Ajay Mehta has also been heading the MCC Group since its inception in 1991. Over the past three decades, Ajay has handled several brands, nationally, including, Canon, Polaroid, JVC, Mitsubishi Electric, and Toshiba.

Edited Excerpts:

On AIWA setting itself apart from other consumer electronic brands

AIWA stands out due to its legacy of innovation, commitment to quality, and a customer-centric approach. We prioritise delivering cutting-edge technology combined with user-friendly designs, providing consumers with reliable and feature-rich products that enhance their lifestyle."

On AIWA's strategic vision for establishing itself in the diverse Indian market aligning with upcoming product launches

Our strategic vision revolves around understanding and addressing the diverse needs of Indian consumers. We focus on continuous research and development to introduce products tailored to Indian preferences, such as customized sound systems and smart home solutions. Our upcoming launches align with this vision by offering a blend of innovative features and localized offerings.

On the company’s plan to adapt to or capitalise on the evolving trends in the consumer electronics landscape in India

AIWA India stays ahead by closely monitoring market trends and consumer behaviour. We adapt swiftly by integrating emerging technologies into our products, such as IoT capabilities, eco-friendly designs, and enhanced connectivity options. This agility enables us to cater to evolving consumer needs while staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

On the challenges that AIWA is currently addressing in the Indian market, and conversely, where does the company see significant opportunities for growth and expansion in the consumer electronics sector in India

In the Indian market, we are addressing challenges related to intense competition and rapidly changing consumer preferences. However, we perceive immense opportunities in the growing demand for smart home devices, quality audio systems, and cutting-edge entertainment solutions. Our focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction positions us well to capitalise on these opportunities.

On the vision and mission for AIWA India

Our vision is to be a leader in providing innovative, high-quality consumer electronics that enrich people's lives. AIWA India's mission is to consistently deliver technologically advanced and reliable products, coupled with exceptional customer service, empowering consumers to enjoy superior entertainment experiences and smart home solutions.