SPI International brings Dizi channel, FilmBox + content to NXTDIGITAL India

SPI International brings Dizi channel, FilmBox + content to NXTDIGITAL India

SPI International announced its partnership with NXTDIGITAL India


Mumbai : SPI International, a CANAL+ company with extensive experience in channel management and curation announced its partnership with NXTDIGITAL India to launch Dizi channel and the FilmBox+ streaming service.

Subscribers now have the unique opportunity to enjoy Turkish drama series with Dizi, in Hindi. Accessible as a linear channel through the VAS Bouquet package and available on-demand via the FilmBox+ platform, viewers can dive into the captivating content anytime, anywhere. Viewers can also watch renowned world cinema classics on-demand via FilmBox Arthouse on the FilmBox+ streaming service.

SPI International, head of distribution Murat Muratoglu, stated, " We are pleased to collaborate with NXTDIGITAL India to bring their viewers Dizi channel and FilmBox Arthouse content. This alliance marks a substantial stride in providing exceptional entertainment to Indian viewers. We're set to transform the digital TV experience with a range of content to suit different tastes."

Subscribers will have access to a wide selection of Dizi channel series and FilmBox arthouse content on-demand via the FilmBox+ platform, which allows viewers to watch their favourite shows and films at their convenience.

India Spark CEO Khalid Khan, in forging the partnership between SPI International and NXTDIGITAL India, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration and said, "We observed the growing preference of Indian viewers for Turkish content over the past few years. Recognising a significant opportunity here, we collaborated with SPI International to dub their content in Hindi. As a viewer, I believe this marks a ground-breaking moment for all of us - it could potentially be the first Turkish channel entirely dubbed in Hindi. Furthermore, FilmBox Arthouse will be a cinephile's dream. It will offer a collection of timeless classics from legendary directors like Hitchcock, Kurosawa, Fellini, and more.

Undoubtedly, it's a treasure trove of on-demand entertainment options for our audience. It has been a long time coming, but here it is!" he further added.

NXTDIGITAL chief operating officer N.K. Rouse, said, “It is a great time to get new internationally acclaimed content for the Indian masses when the world is coming closer. This partnership is a great way for us to give more value to our customers and bring them renowned content at their fingertips. The Dizi channel and the FilmBox+ partnership is a step ahead for NXTDIGITAL to provide quality entertainment to our customers on demand and open content avenues of the world for them.”