Realatte builds a path-breaking narrative on Women’s Day

Realatte builds a path-breaking narrative on Women’s Day

Realatte’s film is an ode to the leading ladies from real estate.


Mumbai: Realatte, demonstrating a remarkable 15-year track record in real estate digital marketing, has established itself as a trusted partner for over 300 developers. From a humble team of 10, Realatte has matured into a thriving agency with over 350 digital marketing professionals. Realatte’s global reach extends beyond India, with operations in the UAE and the UK.

If you are mindlessly scrolling through the typical ads that are out every year for Women’s Day, it’s time to hit a pause. Because Realatte adds a fresh touch to this occasion this year. Brand campaigns on the 8 March are usually heavily driven by messages about support‘ing’ women, encourag‘ing’ them and appreciat‘ing’ them for their contributions in our professional and personal lives. However, Realatte champions for something bigger, better and beyond your imagination. Striving to change the perspective towards women, their Women’s Day ad film asks viewers to stop celebrating Women’s Day empowerment this year onwards. If you’re taken aback for a second, then the film has got you covered, rest assured. The ad film is already garnering exemplary attention and remarkable appreciation from the real estate fraternity.

Realatte’s film is an ode to the leading ladies from real estate - an industry that has been considered highly male-dominated for many generations now. Covering the journeys of women achievers from diverse real estate backgrounds, you are driven towards knowing more about the lives of women architects, female real estate influencers, women home buyers, women real estate brokers, and female builders.

“While we sat to brainstorm for Women’s Day, we ended up witnessing countless ads and campaigns by other brands, most of them talking about how we are continu‘ing’ to empower women and that there's still a long way to go.  What we found from our keen observations then became the insight for our 2024 campaign and we are calling it the ‘EMPOWER‘ED’ Women of Real Estate. And that’s why we went ahead to make a strong statement, thereby setting a new norm for Women’s Day celebrations in the years to come,” shared Realatte director and co-founder Rahul Goyal.

Realatte, co-founded by Mayank Vora, Nirav Gosalia, Harish Patel, Rahul Goyal, and Rohan Shah, has consistently spearheaded digital marketing strategies through collaborations with major players in the real estate sector such as DLF, Hiranandani, The Wadhwa Group, Godrej Properties, Sunteck Realty, Runwal, Rustomjee, Brigade Group, and more. The other verticals of the consortium includes Logicloop Tech, a technology services company, Logicloop Digital, a comprehensive digital marketing agency, and Jucy Gifts, specializing in corporate gifting.