“The core of CoRover's platform's conversational capabilities is BharatGPT”: Ankush Sabharwal

“The core of CoRover's platform's conversational capabilities is BharatGPT”: Ankush Sabharwal

The company enables human-like conversations with any system.

Ankush Sabharwal

Mumbai: CoRover is the world’s first and the highest ROI delivering human-centric Conversational and Generative AI platform; which is secure, scalable and reliable; equipped with patent-pending tech (based on AI, ML, NLP, AR & VR); and powers Multi-Format (AI VideoBots, AI VoiceBots, AI ChatBots), Multi-Lingual (100+ Languages) and Multi-Channel/Omni-Channel AI Virtual Assistants being used by 1 Billion+ Users. Video-Voice Commerce Virtual Assistants is one of our USP, which facilitates end-to-end transactions including payment.

The company is on a mission to enable users to talk to any system the way they talk to an intelligent person. Indiantelevision.com caught up with CoRover co-founder & CEO Ankush Sabharwal where he shared numerous insights most notably on the role of Gen AI shaping the landscape of technology, BharatGPT and more…

Edited excerpts

On the role of Generative AI in CoRover's platform and how it enhances the conversational experience for users

The core of CoRover's platform's conversational capabilities is BharatGPT, a type of generative artificial intelligence. Our platform is able to respond to user requests in a dynamic and relevant to context manner because of this cutting-edge Generative AI technology. Because BharatGPT understands the subtleties of human language, unlike rule-based systems, our chatbots and virtual assistants can have more casual and tailored conversations with users. Users' conversational experience is greatly improved by Generative AI through the facilitation of interactive and customised interactions. It makes it possible for our platform to respond to complicated queries, mimic human-like speech, and fluidly adjust to various situations. In the end, enhancing customer value, simplicity, and efficiency across interactions with CoRover's platform is largely dependent on generative AI.

On CoRover's technology leveraging real-time analytics and data science to provide actionable insights for clients

CoRover's technology leverages data science and real-time analytics to glean insightful information from user feedback and interactions. Our system finds significant trends, preferences, and areas for development by continuously evaluating a variety of data sources, including chat logs, user reviews, and interaction patterns. These insights enable businesses to maximise their overall strategy, make data-driven decisions, and improve the performance of their chatbots and virtual assistants.Furthermore, real-time analytics give customers the ability to track the success of their conversational AI solutions in real-time, allowing for quick adaptations to shifting consumer preferences and market conditions. To put it briefly, CoRover's platform uses data science and real-time analytics to produce actionable insights that support clients' conversational AI initiatives and encourage ongoing improvement.

On partnerships with companies like Microsoft, Accenture, and Google

CoRover works closely with major players in the market, such Microsoft, Accenture, and Google, to take advantage of their knowledge, assets, and broad networks when entering new areas. These strategic alliances enable cooperative go-to-market plans by fusing CoRover's cutting-edge conversational AI technologies with these companies' platforms and services. This makes it possible to provide their respective client groups with all-inclusive solutions. CoRover successfully expands into new markets, industries, and geographical areas through cooperative marketing campaigns, sales activities, and co-creation of customised solutions. Furthermore, the affiliation with prominent industry participants such as Microsoft, Accenture, and Google bolsters the legitimacy and dependability of CoRover's offerings, promoting market uptake and propelling expansion. In the end, these collaborations are essential to CoRover's ability to investigate fresh prospects for

On giving a brief overview of BharatGPT and how is it different from other Gen AI

BharatGPT, a special generative AI model designed for Indian languages and settings, was created by CoRover. BharatGPT is trained on a broad dataset that includes the linguistic subtleties, cultural allusions, and regional dialects that are common in India, in contrast to generic Generative AI models. With this specific training, BharatGPT can produce responses with higher accuracy, contextual significance, and cultural awareness in languages like Tamil, Bengali, Hindi, and others.As opposed to other generative AI models, BharatGPT focuses on catering to the unique language and cultural quirks of the Indian market. BharatGPT provides consumers with a more genuine and interesting conversational experience by comprehending and utilising these intricacies in its responses. Furthermore, BharatGPT can handle a variety of queries with ease.

Furthermore, BharatGPT is skilled in responding to a broad range of questions and subjects pertinent to Indian users, such as regional news, localised services, and cultural allusions. BharatGPT's specialisation makes it perfect for use in Indian contexts for tasks like customer service, teaching, content development, and more. It is a useful tool in many industries, increasing user pleasure and engagement due to its capacity to understand and adapt to the particular language and cultural requirements of Indian users.

On perceiving CoRover's impact on the Indian tech landscape, particularly in the field of conversational AI and customer engagement solutions

From the perspective of the Indian tech scene, CoRover has had a significant influence, especially in the areas of consumer interaction and conversational AI. CoRover's cutting-edge AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants have enabled businesses in a variety of industries to improve customer experiences, optimise workflows, and spur expansion. Businesses' customer relationships have been transformed by CoRover's creative conversational AI solutions, ushering in a new era of tailored engagement. CoRover's virtual assistants use natural language processing and machine learning to provide personalised experiences that increase client pleasure and loyalty. Moreover, companies have been able to successfully reach and service a variety of client groups thanks to CoRover's proficiency in enabling multi-format, multi-lingual, and multi-channel engagements.

The effect that CoRover has had on customer engagement solutions is also remarkable. CoRover gives businesses access to real-time analytics and data science, which helps them get insightful knowledge about the behaviour and preferences of their customers. This priceless information guides enhancements to product offers, marketing plans, and customer support procedures.CoRover's strategic alliances with major tech behemoths like Microsoft, Accenture, and Google further enhance its prominence in the Indian tech industry. These partnerships strengthen CoRover's position as a leader in conversational AI and consumer engagement solutions while also broadening its sphere of influence inside the Indian IT sector.

On envision as the next steps for CoRover in further influencing the tech landscape

CoRover has a number of strategic initiatives in place to broaden its market reach, provide customer value, and spur innovation as part of its plan to further advance its impact on the tech scene. In order to improve its AI skills, the company will give continuing research and development top priority. It will concentrate on developments in machine learning algorithms, conversational AI technologies, and natural language comprehension. As a result, CoRover will be able to provide its customers with solutions that are more intelligent, contextually aware, and individually tailored. Furthermore, CoRover will investigate ways to increase its market share in both vertical and horizontal markets, customising products to fit the unique requirements of various industries and companies. To effectively meet changing market demands, this may entail creating industry-specific offerings, forming strategic alliances, and entering new markets.

The core of CoRover's approach is its dedication to providing value to customers by being aware of their changing needs, offering prompt assistance, and constantly improving its products in response to user input. CoRover strives to build enduring relationships and encourage customer loyalty by placing a high value on customer-centricity. In the future, CoRover sees its state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies being important in influencing how businesses and consumers engage digitally around the globe. The corporation wants to make a big effect in a lot of different areas and maintain its leadership position in the tech sector. CoRover will pursue strategic alliances, ceaseless innovation, and an unrelenting commitment to customer success in order to realise this vision.