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GUEST ARTICLE: Why do brands need to be more vigilant about brand infringement attacks?

Mumbai: The meaning of brand safety has evolved over time for marketers. In traditional marketing, a marketer’s focus was to ensure their trademarks and copyrights were protected. When it came to brand safety, brands primarily focused on making sure their advertisements appeared in a safe...

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GUEST ARTICLE: The creator economy and how it has evolved over the last few years

Mumbai: For many decades, we have relied on traditional media outlets like television, radio, and print for our information and entertainment, consuming content created and curated by a few major media houses based on the preferences and requirements of the masses. The advent of the internet and...

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GUEST ARTICLE: New trends in the video production market 2022

Mumbai: There is no doubt that video marketing is the most engaging medium to connect with consumers and is also enthusiastically embraced by the masses.

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GUEST ARTICLE: Crisis communication: Planning for the worst; hoping for the best

Mumbai: Few situations test an organisation’s reputation as brutally as a crisis. Corporations and crises go hand-in-hand. Whether the effect is instant or sustained over a period of time, a crisis affects stakeholders both inside and outside the organisation. Customers grow anxious. Employees get...

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GUEST ARTICLE: The future of brand marketing using influencers

Mumbai: ‘Influencer marketing is the future,’ ‘Influencer marketing helps brands reach millions,’ and ‘Influencer marketing has limitless potential.’ We see such statements across articles, news, blogs, etc. As we dissect the relevance and future of influencer marketing, let’s clarify what it is.

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