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Former CEO Jack Dorsey steps down from Twitter's board of directors

Twitter's former CEO Jack Dorsey has stepped down as a board member of the microblogging platform. Dorsey's exit from the Twitter board means he no longer has anything to do with the social media giant and has exited completely.

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The Twitter-Elon Musk tussle: To be 'bot' or not to be

The Twitter acquisition drama has been playing out- where else but on Twitter- on a daily basis (or hourly, if you go by Musk’s tweets) for the last several weeks.

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Twitter unlikely to be free for commercial & government users: Elon Musk

Twitter is likely to charge costs for commercial or government users, Tesla's CEO Elon Musk revealed in a recent twitter post. He also highlighted that Twitter will always remain free for casual users. "Twitter will always be free for casual users, but maybe a slight cost for commercial/government...

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Starlink India country director Sanjay Bhargava steps down

Mumbai: Sanjay Bhargava has stepped down as country director and chairman of the board of satellite broadband company Starlink India. His last working day was 31 December 2021. The announcement was made on LinkedIn where he posted, “I have stepped down as country director and chairman of the board...

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16 per cent urban Indians currently own cryptocurrency: Kantar study

Mumbai: The sentiment around cryptocurrency in India and the world over is volatile, with tweets or news around cryptocurrency seen to have an immediate effect on it. As per a recently concluded study by Kantar, it is learned that while 83 per cent of urban Indians are aware of cryptocurrency, the...

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