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GUEST ARTICLE: Artificial intelligence: The key ingredient to boost the growth of the advertising industry

Mumbai: For a layman, the term "artificial intelligence" is usually associated with robots and voice assistant software like Alexa and Siri or Elon Musk’s self-driving cars. Many people don’t think about the scope of AI beyond these concepts. However, the aforementioned use cases of AI are just the...

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Mark Zuckerberg expects Meta to return to healthier revenue growth trends next year

In a conference call with analysts to discuss the third quarter 2022 results, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that in terms of the business, total revenue grew slightly this quarter on a constant currency basis.

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Anand Gandhi create stunning storyboard with artificial intelligence

Mumbai: Anand Gandhi, known for pushing the boundaries of ideas and possibilities in cinema, games or tech, has taken to Instagram to share something cutting-edge - images from a film storyboard that he created purely using AI technology. These gorgeous images are from a hard science-fiction film...

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Full stack developer: The next big thing in technology?

Presently, full stack developer has emerged to be a highly sought career alternative worldwide. Companies are hiring full stack developers in huge numbers. A Full Stack Developer must possess a vivid knowledge of the front end, version control, the back end, debugging, database management,...

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GUEST ARTICLE: Impact of 5G in marketing and communication

Mumbai: While the 5G discourse has been mainly centred on autonomous vehicles and telecom capabilities, the truth is that there is more to this emerging technology than simply enhancing our mobile connectivity. To elaborate, 5G will accelerate technological innovation by enabling AI and machine...

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