TTT collabs Hershey India for ‘Butterflies’ season five

TTT collabs Hershey India for ‘Butterflies’ season five

After four successful seasons, TTT returns with season five, celebrating love through three films.

Butterflies season 5

Mumbai: Chocolates have been the language of love for ages. Amidst the rush of Valentine's week, Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT), India’s most loved content company, launched Season five of its flagship web series, ‘Butterflies’, in collaboration with Hershey's India. Released under TTT’s premier short films banner, Terribly Tiny Talkies, this latest instalment ran from 8 - 13  February, to usher in Valentine’s Day. The series captivates audiences with its exploration of love in various forms.

With this season’s theme #YourForevers, the YouTube series delves into untold narratives of love and connection, leaving viewers with a lingering sense of warmth towards the end. Through its portrayal of diverse facets of relationships, Season 5 captures the depth of each bond, of those who add love and warmth to our lives - friends, family, and partners. With moments of connection enabled by Hershey’s range of chocolates, each tale not only tugs at the heartstrings but also leaves one wanting more at the end of every episode. Retaining the original core of the IP, Sharanya Rajgopal (Studio Head of TTT) has created every episode as a heartfelt dedication from one character to another, beautifully aligning with the season's theme and encapsulating the enduring joy of love.

Butterflies season 5 tells the stories of seven people over three endearing episodes. In Episode one, titled "To Maya, From Rohan," Rohan (Ritwik Bhowmik) and Maya (Reem Sheikh) are out on a secret romantic getaway just days before their big fat Indian wedding, seeking moments of privacy and solitude amidst mounting pressures. The storyline explores the tension of their escape and the possible consequences if their families were to discover their truth, culminating in a sweet proposal beneath the starlit sky. Episode two, starring Namita Dubey as Suhani and Asha Negi as Disha, dives into adult friendships. It beautifully illustrates how these connections evolve, navigating life's changes – taking the viewers on a delightful journey. Episode three, featuring Ashnoor Kaur as Mini, Harsh Gandhi as Ishaan, and Arjun Deswal as Rishi, celebrates the everlasting friendships forged in college amid moments of laughter and vulnerability. It uncovers Rishi's journey back to his ‘Forevers’ after an absence, and their warm welcome back into the gang.

TTT studio head Sharanya Rajgopal said, “After four successful seasons, we're thrilled to announce the return of Season 5 of 'Butterflies', once again in partnership with Hershey India. Butterflies Season 5 is full of feels. That was the only thing we kept in our mind while working on this season. In each of three episodes we have created characters that will leave the audiences with a warm smile on their faces.”

Hershey India marketing director Ankit Desai said, "Valentine's Day is a special occasion for our consumers, and with our indulgent range of chocolates, we want to enable them to express love across relationships be it their family, friends or partners. We're delighted to collaborate with TTT yet again to bring forth heartfelt stories of enduring love through their highly acclaimed web show, Butterflies. In the webisodes, we have captured the diverse spectrum of relationships, much like the wide variety of chocolates in our portfolio, including HERSHEY’S KISSES, HERSHEY’S EXOTIC DARK and HERSHEY’S BARS. For Season 5, we have amped up the game, and in our distinctive style have wrapped all the emotions with captivating storytelling, presented in a delectable package. The stories have come out beautifully and I’m sure our audience will enjoy them."

With a track record of collaborating with over 200 global brands, TTT remains at the forefront of delivering original and premium content in India, and with each new release continues to redefine contemporary storytelling. This season marks TTT's venture into the AI territory with a one-of-a-kind song dedication portal, perfectly timed for Valentine's week. One can visit the portal at to craft personalized 'snap songs' for their loved ones by simply providing a few prompts - adding a layer of sentiment to their expressions of love and affection.