Sunrise Spices celebrates Chhath Puja with a heart-warming regional music video

Sunrise Spices celebrates Chhath Puja with a heart-warming regional music video

This song captures the festive joy of homecoming in the vibrant ambiance of the Chhath festival.

Sunrise Spices

Mumbai: ITC Ltd.'s Sunrise Spices, a spices brand in East India, recently, launched a unique range of spices “Swaad Bihar Ka” where the packs adorned exquisite  Madhubani paintings created by four local artists. The initiative was aimed to provide a platform to these talented women who used art to beautifully capture the culture of Bihar.  In continuation to the brand efforts to bring forward Bihar’s rich culture and to delight consumers during the festive days of Chhath, Sunrise released a heart-warming music video to celebrate the spirit of homecoming during the Mahaparv, continuing its journey to showcase “Swaad Bihar ka”.

Sung by talented Bihari artists Shubhra Mishra, Nishita Jha, Saloni Bhardwaj and Shruti, the video captures a heartfelt appeal from a mother to her son, urging him to return to his home for the Chhath Puja celebrations. An emotional rendition of a mother's yearning for her son's homecoming for the festival, this soulful song beautifully reflects the essence of the Chhath festival and the emotions of aging parents longing for their children's presence during the festive period. It also befittingly encapsulates the rituals, traditions and strong sense of community that make Chhath Puja unique.

Sunrise Spices business head Piyush Mishra said, "Chhath Puja is a special occasion for Biharis worldwide; it is a tapestry that binds us to our roots. Through this special music video, we aim to bring to life the essence of homecoming during this revered festival and celebrate the cultural richness that Chhath Puja brings. At Sunrise Spices, we take pride in supporting local artists and celebrating the traditions and heritage of Bihar. This music video serves as a testament to our efforts of adding flavour to festive cooking and enhancing the flavour and spirit of festivities."

The music video has been released across Sunrise's digital social media platforms,